3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Recognize Excellence IN CDMA2000
3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Recognize Excellence IN CDMA2000

3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Recognize Excellence IN CDMA2000

3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Recognize Excellence IN CDMA2000

The CDMA Development Group today announced the winners of the 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards, presented yesterday during the CDMA Americas Congress, taking place this week at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Both companies and individuals were recognized for excellence in deploying CDMA2000. The awards were presented by Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG, and Gerry Flynn, vice president, industry relations of the CDG and director, advanced technology strategy/standards for Verizon Wireless.

This year, the CDG added new award categories to recognize the most innovative applications and developers in both the consumer and enterprise markets. Ralph Simon, chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Americas group, selected and presented the consumer awards, while Ed Meskill, publisher/founder of Mobile Enterprise Magazine, selected and presented the enterprise awards.

“The CDMA community is leading in the delivery of 3G wireless services across the globe, and there are many accomplishments to recognize,” said LaForge. “The CDG congratulates all recipients of this year’s awards, and applauds their contributions to making CDMA2000 the technology of choice for 3G.”

This year’s 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award recipients are:

— Industry Leadership Award: Mr. Wang Jianzhou, China Unicom

This award is given to the individual who has provided dynamic leadership in 3G CDMA industry activities, including contributions to standards development and the growth and evolution of CDMA.

Wang Jianzhou of China Unicom, for demonstrating extraordinary leadership in CDMA activities throughout Asia and worldwide.

— International Leadership: KDDI, Reliance Infocomm

This award is given to the company that has contributed significantly to the expansion of 3G CDMA through system deployments.

KDDI, for its top share of net subscriber increase in the Japanese market and its leadership in 3G in Japan, as well as for its launch of 1xEV-DO services, branded as WIN.

Reliance Infocomm, for emerging as the largest wireless operator in India since deploying CDMA2000 in March 2003, with more than 8 million customers.

— Service Innovation: SK Telecom

This award is given to the carrier that has leveraged the capabilities of 3G CDMA to introduce innovative services to the market.

SK Telecom, for launching the world’s first video telephony service over 1xEV-DO.

— Subscriber Technology Innovation: SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

This award is given to the company that demonstrates forward thinking in terms of services supported and terminal design. Resulting products take advantage of the inherent benefits and latest technological developments of 3G CDMA, offering consumers state-of-the-art terminals in terms of both features and

SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., for INFOBAR, a design-centric slim candybar handset offering a variety of multimedia capabilities.

— Network Technology Innovation: Lucent Technologies

This award is given to the company that has introduced network capabilities that allow CDMA carriers flexible and cost-effective solutions for implementing advanced features and an easy solution path to further enhancements.

Lucent Technologies, for demonstrated global leadership in the development of CDMA2000 standards, contributing to the growth of CDMA2000 worldwide.

— Innovative Solutions: Comverse

This Award is given to the company that has brought new ideas and different approaches to product deployment. Solutions provide value-added, cost-effective implementations for operators supporting the advancement of CDMA into the market.

Comverse, for the implementation of its Multimedia Messaging Service Center and eXtensible Messaging Framework, which enable users to send and receive messages with media elements such as text, image, sound and video.

In the Consumer awards category, the winners are:

— Innovative Application of Music/Audio: WIZ Technologies

Given to the application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G wireless medium to offer unique and appealing music and/or audio applications to the consumer market.

WIZ Technologies, for its CrazyTones ringtone application that takes advantage of QCELP to provide truly unique ringtones.

— Innovative Mobile Game Development: JAMDAT Mobile Inc., Sprint

Given to the game developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G wireless medium to introduce a unique title or re-develop a console game with broad appeal to the consumer market.

JAMDAT Mobile Inc., for its JAMDAT Bejeweled and JAMDAT Bowling 2 Multiplayer games, offering a real-time, one-on-one mobile multiplayer gaming experience.

Sprint, for the Sprint Game Lobby, the first carrier-based game community in the world, which attracted more than 150,000 subscribers in just a few months after launch.

— Innovative Use of Messaging: LightSurf

Given to the application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G wireless medium to offer applications to the consumer market that have an innovative use of messaging.

LightSurf, for its PictureMail picture messaging service, a user-friendly system that manages more than 5 million picture messages a month.

— Innovative Entertainment Technology Development: Tira Wireless

Given to the platform developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G wireless medium to develop technologies that enable developers to create innovative entertainment applications.

Tira Wireless, for its Tira Jump patent-pending software platform that enables handset manufacturers, mobile operators, application developers and publishers to overcome the challenges of device fragmentation and port applications across a broad range of handsets, languages and mobile operator requirements.

In the Enterprise awards category, the winners are:

— Innovative Wireless Enterprise Solution Implementation: Valkyrie Commissioning Services, Inc.

Given to the company that has implemented a wireless enterprise application via a 3G network with the aim of streamlining operations, increasing worker productivity and achieving a compelling return on investment.

Valkyrie Commissioning Services, Inc., for implementing a CDMA2000 wireless productivity mobile application solution using mobile phones to access e-mail and supplier information.

— Innovative Wireless Enterprise Solution Development: Telefonica Moviles (Peru)

Given to the application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G wireless medium to offer innovative mobile applications that enable companies to streamline their operations, increase worker productivity and achieve a compelling return on their investments.

Telefonica Moviles (Peru), for its wireless security application designed to let users send alarms, emergency signals and event location data remotely to security management centers. Used by the San Miguel Municipality Security Division, Peru.

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