Dilithium Networks Multimedia Gateway Supports SIP Protocol
Dilithium Networks Multimedia Gateway Supports SIP Protocol

Dilithium Networks Multimedia Gateway Supports SIP Protocol

Dilithium Networks Multimedia Gateway Supports SIP Protocol

Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions, announced today support for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in the DTG2000 multimedia gateway. By supporting SIP, DTG2000 enables conversational video services between SIP-enabled terminals on the packet network and 3G-324M terminals on 3G mobile networks.

SIP support complements the DTG2000 gateway’s H.323 support and allows the smooth and cost-effective introduction of new 3G capabilities in a wide variety of applications on existing networks. The DTG2000 is compliant with SIP 2.0 standard and can support SIP and H.323 end points simultaneously on the packet networks.

SIP is one of the most important signaling protocols in today’s converged wireline and wireless networks and serves as a key enabling technology for VoIP, push-to-talk, instant messaging, and presence applications.

‘We have implemented SIP in a direct 3G-324M SIP conversion without the intermediate steps, providing a more elegant higher quality solution,’ said Lee Ellison, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dilithium Networks. ‘The addition of SIP protocol support enables service providers to build next-generation converged voice-video networks and create revenue-generating services, including video portal, video mail, and video telephony.’

About DTG2000
The DTG2000 multimedia gateway supports a variety of voice and video protocols, and features smart end-points capability processing to provide transcoding tailored to end-points such as mobile phones, PDAs, IP terminals, etc. The DTG2000 connects end-terminals on circuit switched, packet switched, and wireless networks and is equipped with patented technologies that provide rapid session setup, minimize media delays and skews, while ensuring the widest interoperability and unparalleled user experience.

About Dilithium Networks
Dilithium Networks is the leader in 3G video telephony solutions for the world’s mobile and broadband industries. The company’s products include multimedia transcoding gateways, 3G-324M protocol analysis test tools, protocol stacks and video telephony client solutions. Dilithium Networks serves a global customer base including the majority of the leading network equipment suppliers, terminal manufacturers and mobile operators. Our products facilitate interconnectivity between mobile and broadband networks to enable “Communications for a Borderless World.” For more information, please visit – www.dilithiumnetworks.com. Dilithium Networks is registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.

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