Radioplan Lands 3G Optimisation Contracts
Radioplan Lands 3G Optimisation Contracts

Radioplan Lands 3G Optimisation Contracts

Radioplan Lands 3G Optimisation Contracts

Radioplan, a leading supplier of 3G radio network simulation, optimisation, and measurement analysis solutions, has been selected to supply radio network optimisation tools and services to four new customers in EMEA and Japan. Following extensive technical trials and evaluations of a wide range of tools, Radioplan?s WiNeS optimisation platform and consulting services were chosen to support demanding pre-launch optimisation projects by both 3G vendors and 3G mobile operator clients.

Johannes Huebner, Radioplan’s Executive Manager, commented “Naturally we are delighted Radioplan’s tools have proven to be of the technical quality and commercial maturity required to perform such mission critical tasks. I am particularly pleased that our unique approaches to solving network optimisation problems, which include proprietary processing methods and support of the end-to-end workflow, were decisive factors.”

Founded in 2000, Radioplan has doubled in size year-on-year through organic growth, and the company now supports customers in more than 15 countries across the globe from its Dresden base. The WiNeS product range allows 3G operators to re-engineer the radio environment in a targeted manner by enabling fast and flexible scenario modelling, helping operators examine and support the network quality goals underpinning their business.

“By cutting the time it takes to optimise a particular network scenario to a few minutes, rather than days, Radioplan’s solutions allow our customers to examine a wide range of scenarios in just hours, allowing them to consider the trade-offs inherent in a 3G network design and understand the capabilities of existing infrastructure before they make expensive, unnecessary changes” said Dietrich Hunold, Radioplan’s Technical Director.

In addition to fast, field-proven optimisation mechanisms, Radioplan’s WiNeS software platform features integrated support for a wide range of commercially available measurement acquisition systems and network planning tools, including the latest Atollä API from Forskä, allowing tuning of pathloss data using drive test results and discovery of logical network errors. WiNeS also provides an extended optimisation suite, including 2G/3G site selection, cost constraint management, fully-featured graphical, temporal and statistical analysis, and interfaces to vendor-specific RRM algorithms. Several vendor-specific RRM libraries are already supported, allowing extremely precise prediction and optimisation of 3G network behaviour.

Radioplan will be demonstrating their integrated UMTS dynamic simulation, measurement analysis and optimisation solution at the IIR WCDMA Cell Planning conference in Prague, Czech Republic, 29 June – 2 July 2004. More details are available at

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