DoCoMo Launching New 506i Models
DoCoMo Launching New 506i Models

DoCoMo Launching New 506i Models

DoCoMo Launching New 506i Models

DoCoMo announced today the release of D506i and F506i, two new handsets in the 2G i-mode compatible mova 506i series, that will be marketed beginning May 19, 2004. The D506i [.jpg image] features a voice-activated camera shutter and multifunctional side button to activate the camera for stills/video or the voice recorder, even while the handset is closed. The F506i [.jpg image] includes a 2.04 mega-pixels autofocus CCD camera with a sweep-type fingerprint sensor. You can also get a sneak peek at the new 506i series models in our video coverage from the recent launch event.

The main features of the 506i series include:
Cameras that have effective resolutions of more than one mega-pixel, Infrared ports for exchanging data and photos with compatible handsets, authentication, cashless payments and remote-control operation of appliances. Ability to read JAN Code and QR Code®, enabling easy retrieval of data from printed materials, copying information to the phone’s address book and saving text as well as pictures and melodies. i-appli™ DX for extended Java-enabled content, enhanced customization of the phone’s address book and to exchange data using i-appli applications and i-mode mail QVGA LCD with a size of 320 x 240 dots or larger.

The multifunctional side button, in addition to activating the camera (both stills and video) and the voice recorder, allows users to view stored photos, mail and the incoming call log while the handset is folded. It also can be used to activate manner mode. DoCoMo’s first voice-activated camera shutter (“Voice Shutter”) responds when the user repeats a pre-recorded word. The feature helps to eliminate camera shake, since the phone does not have to be pressed when taking photos.

Compared to the D505iS model, the D506i’s “Large Volume Data Box” stores four times more data (i-appli or images) and its flash is approximately six times brighter. The D506i comes with a large 1.5-inch sub LCD and a voice recorder that stores up to 174 minutes of sound.

The F506i comes with an autofocus CCD camera offering effective resolution of 2.04 mega-pixels and recorded resolution of two mega-pixels. The handset’s monitor is a 2.4-inch 262,144-color QVGA TFT LCD. The model has a sweep-type fingerprint sensor for locking/unlocking the keypad. “Auto Dial Lock” also allows the keypad to be locked simply by closing the handset. Keys may be programmed to operate the camera and other frequently-used functions and display letters may be enlarged for easier viewing.

Both the D506i and F506i will be available through all DoCoMo sales channels. The price of the handset will be open (unfixed). The replacement battery pack will cost 2,100 yen for the D506i and 2,940 yen for the F506i in the Kanto-koshinetsu region (prices include tax).

Via: NTT DoCoMo.