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Ringtones Sound like $$$$

Ringtones Sound like $$$$On the mobile Internet, money sounds like… ringtones!! We talk to Java music developer (& editor of J@pan Inc Music Media Watch newsletter) Steve Myers about audio formats.

We also got to preview a new Java musical game, and learned how much money is being made (a lot).

GemPlus 'Smart' Solutions

GemPlus 'Smart' SolutionsBig D’s 3G network is novel for more than just videoconferencing or data speed.

Now, Japanese handsets have smart cards too. Wireless Watch talks to DoCoMo partner Gemplus about W-CDMA/GSM roaming, applications, and why you need smart cards on FOMA.

Mobile Media Japan

Mobile Media Japan Japan is the land of keitai eye candy, and this week we take a sneak peek at the latest FOMA, J-Phone, and KDDI pocket rockets. We send @Sha-mail picture mail, watch EZmovie, and videoconference at 3G speed. We also asked local expert Giles Richter about what drives handset feature innovation.

Inside 104.com

Inside 104.comWith i-mode set to launch in Europe in Spring 2002, Wireless Watch looks at mobilizing content — and how to manage all that data.

We interview a Tokyo-based content and management solution provider and ask, Can Japanese providers hope to replicate their success stories in Europe?