KDDI New Handset Lineup for Winter 2013
KDDI New Handset Lineup for Winter 2013

KDDI New Handset Lineup for Winter 2013

KDDI New Handset Lineup for Winter 2013

KDDI just announced their new winter 2013 handset lineup, including the Samsung Note III, details below

Machine Translation:
From the end of October 2013, in addition to the 6 models au smart phones, and mobile routers WiMAX2 + support one model tablet, two models au mobile phone, photo frame, GPS and terminal, KDDI, Okinawa Cellular phone all 12 models rich variation I will be released sequentially.

Tablet and 6 models of the latest smartphone 800MHz LTE support
Including original smartphones and KDDI LG was jointly developed in particular about the “master” and “isai”, classic series of popular “Xperia Z1, GALAXY Note3, AQUOS PHONE SERIE, ARROWS Z, DIGNO. In addition, Android tablet “ARROWS Tab” also provides. In addition to the 800MHz LTE support all models of platinum band, It supports high-speed data communication received up to 150Mbps offers more comfortable latest smartphone.

Tri-hybrid mobile router “WiMAX2 +”, “WiMAX” and “4G LTE” correspondence
In addition LTE, in WiMAX, it provides a mobile router that supports WiMAX2 + to become the first au. In the area of WiMAX2 +, Complimentary high-speed data communication of receiving up to 110Mbps, and is also compatible with 800MHz LTE, you can enjoy the mobile Internet comfortably regardless of location.

2 models au mobile phone anyone easy-to-use
In addition to the sale in the color variations of all five colors to “GRATINA,” provides a new and stress-free “MARVERA” fast-CPU. 2 models also equipped with a large capacity battery of 1,020 mAh, the highest class as au mobile phone.

The photo frame to enrich every day, GPS terminal
Provides 10.1-inch TV own waterproof-enabled can also recording “PHOTO-U TV”, you can see the location information at any time by remote control from a smartphone that has been registered in advance “relief GPS”.

In addition, the smartphone that was announced today, to start the exhibition KDDI Designing Studio (Harajuku, Tokyo), au NAGOYA (Nagoya Sakae), au OSAKA at (Osaka Umeda) on October 3, 2013.