Tablet Users in Japan Survey
Tablet Users in Japan Survey

Tablet Users in Japan Survey

Tablet Users in Japan Survey

MM Research Institute report on tablet preference and usage in Japan shows 70/30 iOS to Android & 88% WiFi:

Machine Translation:
MM Research Institute has announced the tablet user survey by web, with 2,261 people who use tablet devices currently. The survey period to December 18, December 01, 2012.

– a person connected to the “LAN wireless at home” in the Wi-Fi model owners 88%.
– Ownership iPad tablet series is 69.4%, 30.6% Android
– “screen size” items and satisfaction with emphasis on top.
– “Weight” is the lowest level of satisfaction.
– The tablet showed a 49.1% re-purchase intention.
– Improvements “that the price will be lower terminal” is top.

Connection “LAN wireless at home” is the owner of approximately 90% Wi-Fi model  responses were obtained for the communication network that is available in tablets of current ownership. Line model mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as model line), and by Wi-Fi model, we compared the usage of communication networks. In the “LAN wireless at home”, 480 people (69.8%), and was the most frequent in both models, the model line was Wi-Fi model and 1,243 people (88.0%).  ”Mobile Wi-Fi Router” Both models (such as Pocket Wi-Fi), 180 people (26.2%), then the model were many Wi-Fi model line was 439 people and (31.1%). “(Such as cafes and restaurants) public spot followed by” (line model = 26.2% 180 people, 19.4% people = 274 Wi-Fi model) “tethering of smartphones and other tablet”, line model (= 19.0% 131 people became the order = 14.5%) and 205 Wi-Fi model “Wi-Fi spot of public station (airport)” model line (135 people = 19.6% and = 13.7%) 194 Wi-Fi model.