Dai Nippon Printing NFC Smart Posters
Dai Nippon Printing NFC Smart Posters

Dai Nippon Printing NFC Smart Posters

Dai Nippon Printing NFC Smart Posters

Dai Nippon Printing has announced new online to offline (o2o) platform dubbeded TAPLINK for NFC Smart Posters: http://bit.ly/Rl12BK

Machine Translation

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 114.4 billion yen following Capital: Yoshitoshi Kitajima, President: Tokyo DNP) has developed the (online to offline) Platform Service “(tap link) TAPLINK” O2O utilizing smart posters .

NFC forum smart poster, * 1 in an application that is specified in, we are able to deliver relevant information that such POP posters and was attached to the NFC tag, consumers can touch smartphone NFC. Read on your smartphone or phone number URL, and email address of the Web site that is written in the NFC tag, smart poster common until now, had been providing a variety of services. However, if you want to change what was written to the NFC tag, you need to modify the information in the tag, operation and management was very complicated.

TAPLINK developed by DNP this time, O2O to support the promotional activities of the company as well as can be carried out more easily in a short period of time to deliver content in a smart poster, utilizing information delivery safety is possible, a smart poster and smart phones equipped with NFC platform.

Features of TAPLINK]

You can access time and depending on the location of the smart poster, distributed switch information for each poster. To provide optimal conditions for the information and video content such as coupons, companies would like to announce to the life I am available.
In the data center operated by DNP, data analysis for managing information in a centralized manner in the NFC tag, when, where, and whether smart posters were used how much is possible.
To provide as ASP, it is possible to start operation just to prepare each business content delivery, we significantly reduce the implementation time service.
By leveraging the NFC tag which has been subjected to treatment prohibited by rewriting DNP, providing safe services are available to prevent tampering by a third party.
You can not just guidance to store, deploy have synchronized store tools and information services, such as posters and POP, a new promotion.
[Service] image of TAPLINK

Install a smart poster where consumers many streets and train stations, and over-the-counter, gathering and promotional navigation to the store in conjunction with the map app Get tickets coupons and discounts, of goods and services by the pictures and videos, diversity provision of such services is possible O2O. In addition, you can also be deployed at service entry to the event and the campaign, outbound call center, such as the link between the online shop and the SNS.

Initiatives in the future]

DNP is we start the experiment with the following contents that links from November 2012, and the Maruzen bookstore Junkudo DNP group, using TAPLINK, and the real and virtual. In addition, through this initiative, we aim to adopt to the media TAPLINK bookstore.

Provide services that have linked with in-store promotional media and TAPLINK 1.

Delivery of information and related book review of a book promotion
Providing various services to the entrance of the real shop online and shop smart poster outside the store 2.

Guidance to “(Really) honto” hybrid integrated bookstore that sells books and e-books and paper from poster
Pedestrian navigation real stores (Maruzen bookstore Junkudo) from the current position to the
He promoted cooperation with TAPLINK and service “Mobile Wallet” of DNP to support comprehensive and centralized management of application corresponding coupon payment and on a smartphone with NFC, such as point, the work involved in these, DNP future, companies I will provide a solution to activate the communication with consumers and. In addition, actively developed and developing NFC module and terminal services, utilizing the NFC smartphone authentication technology, we will continue to promote the activation of market NFC. In the NFC-related businesses, including the TAPLINK, DNP is aiming for sales of ¥ 40 billion over the next three years.

* 1 NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum: An NFC, has been internationally standardized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard for short-range wireless communication using a frequency of 13.56MHz. Is compatible with the domestic, and the widely used ISO/IEC14443TypeA/B FeliCa and are popular around the transportation system, basic resident registration card at home and abroad, such as public-based card such as a driver’s license. In the industry standards body, which was founded in 2004 by three companies NXP Semiconductors Co., Ltd. and Sony Corporation, Nokia Inc. (Philips Semiconductors old), the development of test specifications and technical specifications of the NFC, and the NFC Forum, and dissemination I have carried out educational activities.

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