KDDI Satch AR Viewer App Update
KDDI Satch AR Viewer App Update

KDDI Satch AR Viewer App Update

KDDI Satch AR Viewer App Update

KDDI AU has just updated their AR Satch Viewer – powered by Total Immersion – with a new suite of fun apps:

We’ve been bullish on this AR space since the jump.. expect to see this offering ‘pushed’ once they have iOS version [Eds]

Machine Translation

October 1, 2012 Today, we greatly AR renewal browser “SATCH VIEWER” for smartphones! In addition, the new service will begin the four week SATCH VIEWER accordingly.

Fee Free ※ packet communications charges apply separately.
Compatible models Over (TM) android OS2.2
(will be supported soon the renewal version of iOS) iOS5.1 or more

New services

– AR Anything
It is a service that can create AR content by processing the images easy on anyone, “SATCH VIEWER”.
Creating hidden items of exchange of secret messages and photos with friends is possible, it is a new sense of decoration service email, Twitter, through Facebook. In addition, for members “au Smart Pass”, which provides a limited decoration material.
Funny-camera ( Imechen camera , cosplay camera , camera down and useless )

By utilizing facial recognition technology, it is a service to their faces and friends, and enjoy working with a variety of items such as caps AR and nurses Afro head. I offer three services of the “camera down and useless” “Imechen camera” “cosplay” camera.
– Love throb diagnosis

Compatibility of two diagnostic utilizing face recognition technology is a service available. AR effects depending on the degree of compatibility and point the camera at the face of the person you want to know the chemistry I appear.

(Scheduled to begin in late October) Mon Mon’s touch of bear
It is a game that you can play AR Hover your smartphone to “mon” Bear Gotochi popular character in Kumamoto Prefecture logo and KDDI. Paper balloon appear sound and 50 numbers, and the alphabet is written in accordance with the progress of the game, we compete with the speed and touch them. Scores are ranked, can compete in all participants.