SoftBank to Acquire eAccess in Share Swap
SoftBank to Acquire eAccess in Share Swap

SoftBank to Acquire eAccess in Share Swap

SoftBank to Acquire eAccess in Share Swap

SoftBank will acquire rival fixed & mobile operator eAccess in stock swap valued at $2.3Bn plus debt = wow!

After taking on Willcom a few years ago – SoftBank adds another smaller player to their stable.. [Eds]

Machine Translation

SOFTBANK CORP. (“SOFTBANK” hereinafter) today announced that the share exchange agreement with the wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owning Parent Company in Share Exchange, eAccess SoftBank eAccess Ltd. (“eAccess”) is, (hereinafter referred to as ” Now that you have signed a “), the Agreement will be announced.

If the product is to be performed (“Share Exchange” below) to obtain, such as the approval of the shareholders share exchange with eAccess and Softbank, in late February 2013 prior to the effective date of the Share Exchange, E common equity and access is expected to Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (the “Tokyo Stock Exchange”) will be delisted at. However, if the effective date of the Share Exchange will be changed by agreement of Softbank and eAccess, this is expected to change for days delisting of the shares of eAccess.

Also, eAccess Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Softbank Softbank Mobile (the “SoftBank Mobile”), and will be I’ve signed a business alliance agreement.


The purpose of the (wholly owned subsidiary) Share Exchange 1.

We believe that a wholly owned subsidiary of SOFTBANK eAccess, to be able to build a system that can be utilized quickly and efficiently management resources with each other, we will accelerate further the spread of mobile broadband will become possible .

It should be noted that, even after the Share Exchange, mobile operators in the “E-mobile” brand of eAccess is expected to continue, change the basic policy of the business of eAccess, including telecommunications and fixed-mobile operators currently I have not been planned for.

Effect of a wholly-owned subsidiary of two. EAccess

Mutual use of the network of mobile communication services (1)

Softbank and eAccess, a consolidated subsidiary of Softbank, its ability to cross the network of mobile telecommunications services. For eAccess, Softbank Mobile, provides a network of band 900MHz (in 3GPP operating band Band8) and 2.1GHz band (Band1 in 3GPP operating band). As a result, eAccess to provide voice and data communications services more widely possible. Meanwhile, Softbank, eAccess provides a method of FDD-LTE network band 1.7GHz (Band3 in 3GPP operating band) for data communication services. Thus, the SBM is able to provide services in both FDD-LTE 2.1GHz band and 1.7GHz band is possible.

Mutual cooperation for the efficient operation of the base station location (2)

To discuss the location of the base station according to the network to provide each other, a new base station and sharing the location, eAccess, transfer or the like from the point of view of efficiency and SoftBank Mobile. Expansion of the coverage area in a short period of time, reducing running costs and capital expenditures are made possible by this.

Creation (3) Synergies

Strengthen sales 1)
About 7,000 stores (as of August 31, 2012), about 2,000 stores (as of August 31, 2012) dealer dealer Softbank Mobile eAccess is. EAccess will continue to actively market the services and products of each other and each dealer SoftBank Mobile. In addition, SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. responsible for corporate sales at SOFTBANK Group also sells products and services eAccess (“E-mobile” brand). In addition to the competitiveness of the services of both mutual utilization of network is improved by the mobile communication services, strengthening the sales force Through these efforts, we will be further expanding its customer base.

Procurement unit cost reduction of mobile terminal 2)
Increase in sales of mobile devices is expected by strengthening the sales force of the above. Through volume procurement and joint benefits of the increase in the number of procurement, procurement is expected to reduce the unit cost of the mobile terminal.

Shared 3) backbone network
Backbone of ADSL services and shared services and mobile communications of eAccess, the backbone of the SOFTBANK Group, in order to reduce costs.

3 Summary of the Share Exchange.

Dates of stock exchange (1)

September 27, 2012 Board of Directors approval (Softbank)
October 1, 2012 Board of Directors approval (eAccess)
October 1, 2012 Entered into the Agreement (Softbank, eAccess)
February 22, 2013 (planned) Last trading day (eAccess)
February 25, 2013 (planned) Delisting date (eAccess)
February 28, 2013 (planned) The effective date of the Share Exchange
In addition, we are expected to be carried out without the approval of the general meeting of shareholders of the company in accordance with the procedures simplified share exchange pursuant to the provisions of Article 796, Paragraph 3 of the Companies Act, the Share Exchange, the SoftBank for eAccess shareholder must be approved by (the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held as a prospect around January 2013) the General Assembly. For specific schedule of the Share Exchange, we will announce as soon as it is determined.

The above schedule may be changed by agreement of Softbank and eAccess.