KLab Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai
KLab Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai

KLab Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai

KLab Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai

Congrats to Tokyo-based KLab on their new subsidiary just announced for Shanghai – to focus on mobile games: http://bit.ly/QLJ5gZ

Despite all of the ‘regional tensions’ it’s a great relief to see rational business activity continues.. [Eds]

Machine Translation

KLab Ltd. KLab Global Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of that, we have a resolution for the following things.

(The “PRC”) the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (“KLab China” ※ 1 below) (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Shanghai, come accepted.

After the establishment of the new company listed in item # 1 above, the new company is Itokuro Corporation. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: University Yamaki) Technology Co., Ltd. is a company transcosmos (Shanghai) “YTK” (hereinafter referred to as agreement to acquire social games development division).
※ 1 trade names may be changed in the course of registration application.

In addition, the purpose of establishing a KLab China are the following two points.

Development of titles for global and the development of titles for the Japanese Market
In KLab, KLab Cyscorpions already developed in the Philippines as a base (Nasdaq: Manila, President: Taro Noguchi, etc.) to a subsidiary of KLab Global, and are aggressively pursue overseas transfer of development. By developing a game to be delivered to Japan (for global) and to establish new bases in China, to reduce the cost.

Localization in the Chinese market development and marketing
Smartphone in China have been expanding rapidly, social game market is beginning to rise. In KLab, we performed localization and game for China, which is provided by Japan, the planning and development of original titles for China. In KLab China, responsible for planning in the Chinese market, development, localization, marketing up, the various smartphone platforms in China, we will provide a game.

We are going to have with this, establish a system in development, such as: KLab.

Acquisition of subsidiaries in China social gaming sector Itokuro

YTK that KLab China’s acquisition department has a proven track record, such as the development and GREE (Mobage), “forbidden grimoire” for mixi Mobage in Japan, the 13 titles. In addition, we are also for the development of the game in China DeNA China.

In the name of development 38 to 12 people, nine planning, design name 9, 3 infrastructure, five departments such as management, personnel management can cover up to infrastructure planning, design, and development. You can establish a system that will acquire KLab these personnel by sector of this acquisition, development in China to start as soon as possible.