Android Bazaar Conference Event in Tohoku
Android Bazaar Conference Event in Tohoku

Android Bazaar Conference Event in Tohoku

Android Bazaar Conference Event in Tohoku

The Android Bazaar team will run inaugural Earthquake Reconstruction Aid conf. at Tohoku Univ. on Oct. 20th:

A fantastic effort by the ABC crew in Tohoku.. Wasurenai [Eds]

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Region for the first time held, ABC This will be held in the earthquake affected areas as well. In the form and under the theme of “earthquake reconstruction assistance”, two events that ABC and ICT ERA coexist called “Northeast ICT ERA + ABC 2012”, we are preparing for the event held in the fall.

In Earthquake Reconstruction Aid, literally, ERA is a “disaster reconstruction assistance.” Of course, we overlaid the meaning of “a new era”. ICT ERA is an event for the entire industry IT, the outlook in a new era of ICT, again, let us consider the reconstruction of the earthquake by the ICT. I also believe that if you can a place where IT professionals across the country, wide, get to know the situation in the affected areas.

We have set a target such as the following.

o Do not forget the earthquake damage, but I’m not the weathered
Many of the participants in the “Northeast ICT ERA + ABC 2012”, convey the current status of the affected areas with only one and a half years after the earthquake, once again, to provide an opportunity to consider the issue of earthquake reconstruction, and act in a variety of ways you.

o Promotion of IT industry in the affected areas
As one of the pillars of the economic recovery of the affected areas, position the activation of the local economy with new IT technologies such as cloud smartphone, explore its possibilities.

o Prepare for disasters by utilizing IT technology
I think that will be expected to prepare for disasters not-too-distant future, to minimize the damage of human life, may assure maximum sharing of information and communication in the event of a disaster, the use of the technology IT.

o National exchanges and business development of Android
ABC is the place of the national exchange once and corporate donors involved in Android, of all developers, designers, service, six months. This year, in particular, I will focus on the local exchanges and experience, the youth exchanges.

In addition, the participation work in the industry IT, all of you across the country, we have to look forward, to participate is a leader in the “new era of ICT”, the younger generation.