Sharp iOS App for Galapagos Store
Sharp iOS App for Galapagos Store

Sharp iOS App for Galapagos Store

Sharp iOS App for Galapagos Store

Sharp releases a new iOS e-book app for their previously Android only ‘Galapagos Store’ offering 70,000 titles:

Machine Translation:

Content store service “GALAPAGOS STORE” operated by Sharp Electronics (hereinafter, the store service) will begin offering today, the applications that can use this service store at each terminal of iPhone / iPod touch / iPad.

So far, the store this service Android TM smartphones / tablet of their respective owners with a ※ 1 was only available with, also at each terminal equipped with iOS by this , such as newspapers, magazines, comic books and use that e-book will be possible.

E-book that you purchased, by the service “Internet archive” that can be stored, centralized management, up to three on the server of the Internet ※ 2 terminal you can enjoy at the same time. The go smartphone, tablet such as a terminal at home because you can, also make sure you use a plurality of terminals depending on the scene use, convenience is increased. In addition, the magazine (more than 3,200 books, 320 magazine about) is a high-resolution image of up to 2,400 × 4,096 dot a page ※ 3 has been recorded in, you can enjoy the content and images more vivid character in the iPad.

In addition, according to the provision of our application, e-book for you to experience the charm of a greater number of people, In addition to providing popular comic and magazine FREE for a limited period, the book (up to 13 books), that can be used to purchase content Join a new campaign to grant the point ※ 4 will be carried out.

The number of handling content on this store, approximately 70,000 books ※ 5 has been reached. Will continue to expand the content of a variety of genres, we will strive to improve services.

Application Overview:

Application name – GALAPAGOS Ver.1.0 e-book
How to get – From the App Store (Free)
Corresponding terminal – iPhone3GS IOS4.3 later, iPhone, IPhone4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (fourth generation), iPad, IPad2, iPad (3rd Generation)
Start date provided – August 8, 2012

※ For more information on a terminal information, please visit http://Galapagosstore.Com/web/static/guide_a3

※ two user accounts to a registered terminal of up to three is possible.

※ 3 are some of the content, may be less than (2,400 × 4,096 pixels) maximum resolution.

※ For more information, including subject-4 campaign period, please check at the “GALAPAGOS STORE” site.

Current ※ August 8, 2012 5. In the “GALAPAGOS Ver.1.0 e-book”, but such is not available (OMF) content, the content of some EPUB, we plan to respond in turn.