SoftBank Hawks Live Baseball iPhone App!
SoftBank Hawks Live Baseball iPhone App!

SoftBank Hawks Live Baseball iPhone App!

SoftBank Hawks Live Baseball iPhone App!

SoftBank and SEGA have joined to develop this pretty groovy looking – free – live game iPhone app.. Ok – Play Ball..!!

Machine Translation:

More fun watching professional baseball! More hot! real-time watching professional baseball for iPhone app
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks official iPhone app “Nine Hawks Stadium” start service (Wednesday) from July 4

SEGA Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Marketing, July 4, 2012 from Saitama Seibu Lions game (Wed.) the service app “Nine Hawks Stadium” watch for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks fan of the iPhone “Fukuoka Softbank Hawks” will begin.  The application also developed by SEGA, can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iPhone, will be linked to the actual game and real-time. To obtain (either from a total of three types of two types of free and paid) card, and entry on the day of the game.  Entries can be filled with players starting lineup to 9 of 3 × 3 mass, (the other is random) you can select the one player who you support, or players only players of the mass in the center, likely to be the most active that day. Paid cards, as well as available preliminary one at-bat, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks player data viewing capabilities, you can enjoy an effective performance by the results of every one at-bat for each player. In addition, medals will be granted if justified by the line player who played in that game, you may be able to use their medals to obtain the original digital content. In addition, such as available (only dedicated card in Yahoo Dome), in and out of Yahoo Dome, as well as enhance a sense of immersion and sense of unity with the game, new fun to watch the game at the time of the sound for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks also support other We provide the way.

How To Play
(1) First, download the “Nine Hawks Stadium” app from App Store.
Players to enter the starting lineup of nine players card Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (2) After entry of the day to participate in the card game of “9 of the 3 × 3” will be delivered automatically. The central mass, you can choose your own favorite players. (Limited by the timing of entry card)
When you tap the image of the player (3), you can view player information (only card surcharge). In addition, you can hear the stadium announcer voice with a sense of presence, at a special card that can be purchased, you can also play the original sound by shaking the body only in the Yahoo Dome.
Enters score line is aligned with the activities of players by (4), that accumulate medals to be granted after the game depending on the result, you can get a card player, such as digital original. The new card will be adding more in the preeminent collection.
Would get the prize

And active game players with the progress (1), and won the trout were active players.
Score will be added to try to solo and vertical and horizontal diagonal line player who was active in (2).
After the inning attack of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (3) can be an entry to the lottery “award inning”. Depending on the card are three types of per in the lottery and medals and original goods.
After the game (4) Furthermore, according to the established line in the total score of the game, to determine the award Nine stadium. The winner, you will practice ball and goods presentation and Hawks used.
Also (5), and then presents a medal depending on the score earned. (Depending on the type of card 3)