Wireless Japan 2012 Conference
Wireless Japan 2012 Conference

Wireless Japan 2012 Conference

Wireless Japan 2012 Conference

The 17th annual ExpoComm Wireless Japan Conf. and Trade Show at Tokyo BigSite runs May 30th – June 1st: http://bit.ly/JJPYXT

The full conference track agenda, in Japanese, Online Here [Eds]

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“Wireless Japan” Since its founding in 1995, content services and mobile phone handsets and, of course, ranging from infrastructure facilities and for base stations, mobile solutions, enterprise solutions such as mobile phone sales, a key player in the market-leading mobile communication repeatedly held as a professional exhibition for the mobile industry.

Will be held in May 2012 “Wireless Japan 2012”, under the these results, the uptake of new changes in market mobile / wireless on a global scale, (1) smartphone / tablet shift to the mobile industry (2) penetration and fusion (3) Global-Asia business to a keyword, make a new effort for the “creation of new industries.”

Sales of smartphones / tablet is expanding rapidly in the momentum percentage (about 40 million) is greater than 50% of the entire mobile device at any moment. In the mobile phone shops that sell the forefront, such as specialized knowledge required increase in the time and customer service, management skills and efficiency of shop sales staff has become a pressing issue.

At Wireless Japan, you can create a “smartphone / mobile shop EXPO” exhibition specializing in backup that is intended to further expand the mobile phone shop related business from there 2012.

At the exhibition offers, we will focus on the center of IT technology communication in logistics track road-to-vehicle communication has attracted attention as automotive technology from this has been closed up significantly even in the field of ITS, inter-vehicle communication, and. In addition, systems such as cargo that use information technology service linked information system pick-up using the Web and communications technology operation management system to plan a conference of experts, which adopted the GPS, the latest, and drive or recorder Dejitako, the RFID The conference was also carried out with the theme such as “the form of lucrative trucking” “Prospects for safe driving.”

In “Wireless Japan” and “Industry Exhibition applied wireless technology” Towards paying attention to mobile technology / wireless penetration in various industrial fields from three years ago, are beginning to produce new services, new business, to foster new industries Although we have been held at the same time, among the aspects of M2M new development like this as the exhibition was more enhanced its expertise, the same time “M2M cloud EXPO” We would like to hold.

This exhibition, key people in the industry mobile / wireless carrier in Japan, manufacturers, vendors, and SI ยท NI dealers, as well as senior management about the business tier of industrial enterprises with a strong interest in mobile / wireless ranging from major to small and medium-sized can be expected to be 55,000 by the Joint high synergy with “Wireless Japan” to be gathered.