KDDI and HTC Release Custom Handset
KDDI and HTC Release Custom Handset

KDDI and HTC Release Custom Handset

KDDI and HTC Release Custom Handset

HTC and KDDI reveal custom ‘Droid 4.0 handset for Japan: 1.5GHz dual-core, Wimax, NFC and 1Seg TV, details

Great to see this co-op.. perhaps 1st ever non-domestic handset with both FeliCa and 1Seg on-board..!?! [Eds]

Release of the HTC J ISW13HT – Machine Translation

“HTC J ISW13HT” is, Android and the world’s first KDDI ™ is the original HTC model is widely supported in many countries working on smartphone, was developed specifically for the Japanese market together. Light operation feeling is a feature of HTC is intact, and the One-Seg mobile wallet ® corresponds to the communication function WiMAX, infrared communication, and Wi-Fi tethering feature. Campaign Website Here.

In addition, all faithfully reproduce the sound, you can enjoy high-quality sound as well as music videos and games “Beats Audio ™ “Beats and” ™ by Dr. Dre ™ UrBeats ™ and In-Ear Headphones “, of F2.0 Do not miss the moment the camera function you want to take the lens and bright 0.7-second start, auto-focus function is characterized by 0.2 seconds.

In addition, Android information such as news and the latest situation in touch with friends on the home screen ™ corresponds to the “emoticons” new to standardize (Note) between carriers and domestic service “au widgets” to deliver for smartphone.

Thorough attention to sound. Feeling of being an artist like buckwheat.

“Beats included ™ by Dr. Dre ™ UrBeats ™ “Beats In-Ear Headphones Audio and put a” ™ “will launch, enjoy high quality sound of all music and video experience, games, etc. Equipped with hardware, software and processing to maximize the bass sound. Commitment to a thorough photo. Digital camera packed with features not lose to.

By integrating F2.0, smile recognition capability, high dynamic range shooting, the ability to automatically adjust the flash level, you can enjoy the crisp picture quality with vivid. In addition, the chipset “imageChip” own HTC, achieve a smooth picture without color unevenness.

Video recording video without camera shake prevention function is possible camera shake. The camera’s shutter button will be displayed during movie shooting, still images can be taken at the same time as the video also.
Camera will start in 0.7 seconds from the Home screen. Focus will follow in 0.2 seconds, achieved at the scene of the moment also shooting. Commitment to thorough ease and comfort.

Equipped with a user interface “Sense4.0” own HTC, can be customized my own way with a combination of rich widgets scene. In addition, you can open an email thread with the other party given at the same time as the unlock is possible. Can feel free to send such large attachments capacity in cooperation with, “Dropbox” In addition, more comfortable and enjoy various scenes of daily life.

Corresponding to the WiMAX high-speed wireless communication, you can enjoy the Internet without stress comfortably in the high-speed Internet access up to 40Mbps of downstream. In addition, also equipped with “Wi-Fi tethering” of up to eight. Available can be connected to the PC-enabled game consoles and portable wireless LAN from the date that you purchased.

Dual-core CPU. Comfortably enjoy photos and videos, Internet, and games. Japan also features such as standard (~ @ Seg, mobile wallet, infrared, E-mail. In addition, earthquake early warning, disaster and evacuation information, support was added to the new tsunami warning to “emergency e-mail bulletin.”