KDDI Does Alliance with Lawson Group
KDDI Does Alliance with Lawson Group

KDDI Does Alliance with Lawson Group

KDDI Does Alliance with Lawson Group

KDDI and Lawsons, 10,000 locations nationwide, announce co-op strategies from WiFi to coupons & HMV music sales:

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Corporation KDDI and Lawson Co., Ltd. have business alliance agreement intended to expand the center to build a joint business Wi-Fi spot utilizing the Lawson store group, to improve the convenience of customers in the smartphone era.

● Background and Purpose of this alliance

Lawson Group, is that approximately 10,000 stores in Japan, to analyze purchasing data point program of “Ponta” with a membership of about 40 million common, offers products and services to customers in each city that meets has been. In addition, we started the deployment of various E-commerce sites available to, “Ponta” last year. Partnership with KDDI is promoting the fusion of real stores and the Internet, to contribute to a more convenient and comfortable life of the customer.

KDDI is promoting a strategy “3M” domestic business growth strategy consisting of the three initials of “multi-network” “multi-device” “multi-use”. Business tie-up with Lawson, the coupon from the Lawson group in, “au Smart Path” and cooperative construction of Wi-Fi spot utilizing the stores of Lawson Group, in the content variety of services such as music and video both held by are positioned as a business alliance to accelerate such as providing, a “strategy 3M”.

We believe the two companies, while rooted in the life we ​​will increase the number of users of smartphones, and (Online to Offline) business is going to accelerate O2O was centered on smartphone. That to make the best use of expertise and platform with the two companies, to provide content for smartphones and seamless Internet connection environment, we aim to make your life more rich.

Details of the collaboration, please refer to the below.

Business Alliance of Lawson and KDDI

1) au Wi-Fi SPOT
from the end of January, we have established a “au Wi-Fi SPOT” in Lawson stores, but we have been provided as a trial service at some stores, from March 1, 2012 successively to the whole country will continue to expand this as a service. This, “au Wi-Fi SPOT” to Lawson stores have been established in 47 prefectures, (Note 1), of approximately 9,000 stores to the store before the southern tip of Okinawa – estate Maezato Itoman Lawson Lawson northern tip of Hokkaido Monbetsu parrot town shop will be Wi-Fi network that is constructed.

In Lawson stores, including the au smartphone, PC, such as a tablet, the other to enjoy a comfortable Internet communication, you will also be available at Lawson stores various information and digital content using Wi-Fi.

“Au Wi-Fi SPOT”, in order to enjoy not only easily set up in “connection tool au Wi-Fi” application program only, which also supports the latest WPA2-PSK security technology, a convenient Wi-Fi security are available.

au Wi-Fi SPOT
Wi-Fi spot “LAWSON Wi-Fi” for members 2) Ponta
set up a Wi-Fi spot “LAWSON Wi-Fi” for members in Ponta Lawson stores nationwide, will begin service sequentially from the end of March 2012. If your member of Ponta, services are available in the Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones offered by all mobile phone operators.

In addition, the Wi-Fi spot “LAWSON Wi-Fi” for members Ponta, and we’ll use our “official app LAWSON” smartphones, “and recommended information was”, coupon deals, limited to the attributes and preferences of customers digital content, such as you can get. Is a convenient service deals only customers who visit us to Lawson available.

(Start of service at the store about 6,000 preceding three years from the end of 2012) introduced into the store about 9,000 Lawson stores nationwide by the end of April 2012

● Provide benefits from the Lawson group in 2. “Au Smart Path”

In service “au Smart Path” offer from a new start on March 1, 2012 KDDI, will be provided throughout the year from various coupon Lawson group.

Free coupon: from March 1, 2012 provided to the 100,000-come basis to “snack coupons around”
Air offer 30 yen to 50 yen discount coupons: coupon discount. HMV offers from other (planned) discount coupons

au smart path
● Introduction of “an easy settlement au” to various services 3.

Entertainment at the following site in the mall “LAWSON HOT STATION Erupaka”, will be introduced from March 1, 2012 “Easy settlement au” settlement service carrier KDDI and HMV for LISMO!. If you choose to purchase products and services at this site by, the introduction of this payment system, pay the sum that the au mobile phone charges and the monthly commodity price will be possible.

* “Rochike. Com” except
● Opening of the CD store for smartphones by 4 au. Lawson Entertainment HMV

Contents 1) Service
will open the site for the au smartphone “HMV for LISMO!” CD · DVD sale of HMV HMV Lawson entertainment brand operated by a subsidiary of Lawson.

, “Ponta” points when you purchase the item will be given twice the normal from the line-up See details of HMV was rich and other (Note 2) Limited Edition Lawson · HMV. Can receive the items purchased in stores nationwide Lawson is possible (Note 3).

Search page and music and entertainment brand “LISMO!” Overall, the site “LISMO (Music)” from the music information, by easy access to new leads, we provide a friendly environment available.

Start date provided 2)
March 1, 2012

Offering Fee 3)
is free of registration fee and monthly fee “HMV for LISMO!”

* packet communication fees, product purchase price will hang separately.
4-way) access
from smartphone au
au music portal → LISMO → (Music) → CD & DVD

● Consideration of new business such as marketing and promotion business joint experiment, such as the campaign (Note 4) 5.NFC

Joint Study of the Service as a mechanism of identification, utilizing the NFC
Consider a joint collaboration with member organizations with a focus on “Ponta” and “au Smart Path”, promoting the business O2O