KDDI & Tencent Launch QQ-Chat
KDDI & Tencent Launch QQ-Chat

KDDI & Tencent Launch QQ-Chat

KDDI & Tencent Launch QQ-Chat

KDDI does sweetheart JV with China-based Tencent to launch mobile QQ-Chat for AU debuts today:

A natural value-add for all.. joining the massive QQ community & offerings with Japan – Congrats! [Eds]

Machine Translation

KDDI and Tencent, more enjoyable Internet services in the future au smartphone, so that customers can use for your convenience, we will aim to enhance the service.

“Mobile QQ for au” is a chat application that can exchange messages in real time from smartphones au. Members of the QQ is notified as soon as you can add number search and friends QQ, nickname or e-mail address, and the other comes online, you can send and receive messages in real time.

Registered account
to register the “QQ ID” to use “Mobile QQ for au”. “QQ ID” was registered is available not only “Mobile QQ for au”, Tencent also other Internet services here. Free for all Android AU models.

When you register you set a password (1) nickname, “QQ ID” of 10-digit number will be Haraidasa.
When you log in and password (2) “QQ ID”, available for the “Mobile QQ for au”.

Status Display
the status of the friend who registered will be displayed on the screen. Login state (whether or not online) can be checked at a glance.

Instant messages
can be (chat) exchange of messages in real time with online friends.

Mini blog feature
you can also enjoy mini-blog or tweet the current situation, to check out the picture.

Links to site information / China Japan
are available a collection of useful links site information site for the China Information Japan for the Japanese, for the Chinese. It can be used as information portal.

Life information, such as language learning site has extensive information from travel Gourmet.