Sharp Aquos Super SmartPhone
Sharp Aquos Super SmartPhone

Sharp Aquos Super SmartPhone

Sharp Aquos Super SmartPhone

Sharp Superphone: 4.5″ display, 1.5Ghz dual-core, 12M cam. ‘droid 4.0, 9mm & 126g, 2x battery & waterproof:

This 104SH packs plenty of punch – shame no NFC or 1-Seg. – could be new global benchmark..!?! [Eds]

Machine Translation

Android 4.0 smartphone equipped with the latest
Equipped with the latest Android 4.0 platform, comfortable operability by the new user interface. It supports direct mail and telephone starting camera, such as release of the lock screen by face authentication from the Lock screen. In addition, the technology “Direct Tracking” and Sharp’s proprietary tuning technology, are combined at a high level of follow-up and smoothness to the finger, has achieved a sense of comfortable operation.

Equipped with a 1.5GHz dual-core high-speed CPU, also supports “ULTRA SPEED”
Dual-core CPU “(1.5GHz) OMAP4460” with a high-speed processing performance. You can comfortably browse the web site without the stress a large amount of viewing and streaming video information, such as the operation to be performed, such as multiple applications at the same time, a variety of actions. In addition, 21Mbps up to down * 1 also supports the “ULTRA SPEED” to achieve, high-speed communication is possible.

The slim body, with a 4.5-inch LCD high-definition HD big screen, waterproof, dustproof
Equipped with a LCD (1,280 × 720 dot) New Mobile ASV 4.5 inch HD high-definition big screen. By a full display narrow frame design was adopted, and has realized the stylish design. In addition, while there is a slim body of approximately 9mm thin, IPX5/IPX7 * two equivalent waterproof performance and IP5X * 3 has a performance equivalent to dust.

Featured technique Eco-wise consumption of battery
By controlling and automatic power-saving backlight control and image processing technology to keep the high quality advanced, the power consumption of the unconscious is always more than one application at startup, technology “that can be extended to have eco-batteries features “. Function by “eco-technology”, when in actual use * 4 is continuous standby time (when the mode waza-ari) approximately 1.9 times * 5 has been achieved energy savings become.

Enhanced features, high-resolution 12.1 million pixel camera
The main camera is equipped with approximately 12.1 million effective pixels pixel camera that supports video shooting (1,920 × 1,080 pixels) full HD size. Be recorded in the video scenes of powerful memories is possible. You can also enjoy the show in another room can enjoy large-screen AQUOS of living in a still image and video capability “smart Fami-link”, was taken, and recorded in the AQUOS Blu-ray. In addition, it also supports the emergency earthquake.