Panasonic Launches WiMax MVNO
Panasonic Launches WiMax MVNO

Panasonic Launches WiMax MVNO

Panasonic Launches WiMax MVNO

Panasonic announced yesterday they have entered MNVO space offering WiMax services under PanaSense brand:

Machine Translated

Opening up communication service May 20, 25 days to 3 January: the campaign period
(until March 8 deadline to order communication service)

(The campaign will end as soon as capacity is reached.) As long as 3,000 people come basis
Order during the campaign period is flooded, start timing and use of communications services, the delivery of rental router, Please note that might be delayed. Benefits content campaigns campaign is not covered by Plan “Flat only straight-line communication service”

Free (including tax) initial cost 2,835 yen (1)
Please order your WiMAX Service will be available.
During the campaign, (including tax) will be free of initial cost 2,835 yen.
(2) cash back
Flat-year passport 12,000 yen (one-year contract)
20,500 yen · Flat2 year passport (a two-year contract)
Once you have completed your order, from the “Application for WiMAX Service startup cash back campaign”
Please register your account that you want the cash back.
Flow of cash back is available from here.
cash back account registration deadline until March 20, 2012.
(Please note that your application will be forgotten, will not receive a cash back)
is the designated financial institution transfer I will limit commercial banks, regional banks, regional banks, second, the postal savings bank.
※ We will transfer the amount of cash back to your designated account registration I received in mid-March 2013.
“Application for WiMAX Service startup cash back campaign” is here
if you want to change the account I received cash back ※ Please apply for your application from here.
(3) + OneMonth campaign
When you purchase the equipment covered by MyMALL, gift coupons WiMAXService monthly cost of one month will be free items subject + OneMonth campaign is here
“+ OneMonth (plus one-man vinegar)” campaign, the target product after purchase at MyMALL,
coupon Panasensu monthly expenses “WiMAX Service” will be free to provide one month will be issued.
To order WiMAX Service, please use the coupon.
expiration date of the coupon will be March 8, 2012.