Social TV App for Japan Mobile
Social TV App for Japan Mobile

Social TV App for Japan Mobile

Social TV App for Japan Mobile

Groovy Jpn Social TV free app, see @tune_TV and think GetGlue, recently launched on iOS and ‘droid:

Look-out Nielson Ratings.. The Future Of Social TV Is Now.. and will be everywhere! [Eds]

Machine Translation:
Jeneshikku Co., Ltd. develop apps for smartphones is a key corresponding to the 7-channel stations metropolitan area Social TV app for iPhone / Android “tuneTV” utilizing a social media analysis tool “Insight Intelligence” section Data Corporation to expand service offerings, in collaboration with 2011 was broadcast on 31 December “62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” We conducted a study on the rate of topics on Twitter.

Social TV applications – “@tuneTV” – is the climax of each show on Twitter and timelines for each station, in 1 minute real-time graphs topic ratio based on tweet content and frequency for each program pseudo-subject factor was calculated on twitter.

In addition, in collaboration with Facebook & Twitter, users and friends interested viewers of the program and shows the same emotion and excitement of the show easily, share thoughts, can enjoy more TV shows is. “TuneTV” In the future, further efforts to expand our capabilities, music and drama programs, including news programs, and a dedicated page for each program, and will also provide a graph of the average viewership chart check-in number.

main functions:
Check-in programs – Timeline of the program you are watching now You can check in with one tap of the screen. Or post to Twitter & Facebook: When you check in, “Channel”, “Program Name” “URL” is automatically entered, then posted to Facebook and Twitter are easy to work together, you can share.

Price: Free
App Store:

List of Broadcasting: You can view a list of programs currently being broadcast channels in seven key metropolitan area office. Fever alert when it reaches the peak height of the graph up real-time viewership is push notification feature to inform the user. This allows users excited to see the show right now. Real-time rate chart topic: is updated every minute, the graph shows that excited right now is obvious. Change channel by swiping: can be switched to flick left or right by tapping the screen as well as channel numbers. Some functionality is only available with the iPhone. Andorid version will continue to respond at any time. Social media analysis tool “Insight Intelligence” – social media analysis too “Insight Intelligence for Search” is set free to use the keyword search engine on the domestic social media (twitter, facebook, etc. blog) on We realize that providing ASP services for your type to analyze vast amounts of data.