Omron Joins DoCoMo for Mobile Health
Omron Joins DoCoMo for Mobile Health

Omron Joins DoCoMo for Mobile Health

Omron Joins DoCoMo for Mobile Health

DoCoMo Healthcare was just announced last week, now a new JV with Omron is planned for June 2012:

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NTT DoCoMo and Omron Healthcare tie up on health and medical business

NTT DoCoMo and Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. have reached a basic agreement today on considering the business and the capital tie-up on condition of new company establishment aiming at development and offer of health and a medical support service.

The support service “docomo Healthcare” of health care administration or prevention of a disease which DoCoMo provides at a new company,The platform of the health-care-administration service “wellness link” which Omron Healthcare provides is utilized, and an individual aims at offer of health and a medical support service with high convenience which can carry out health care administration more simply.

It is specifically carrying out apparatus cooperation of the health care apparatus (a sphygmomanometer, a weight body composition meter, a pedometer, etc.) of Omron Healthcare with a global and high share, the smart phone of DoCoMo, etc.,The environment where health and medical data including measurement data, such as weight and blood pressure, can be accumulated and managed simply is built.

1. Establishment of a new company

DoCoMo and the OMRON examine establishing a new company around June, 2012 for the purpose of development and offer of new health and medical support service which harnessed the asset and the strong point of both companies.

* Establishment time : June, 2012 (schedule)
* Company form : Incorporated company
* Investment : Undecidedness
* Interest : More than DoCoMo 51% and less than Omron Healthcare 49%
2. The contents of a joint enterprise examined in both companies
* Offer of the service which can manage individual body, health, and medical data
* Offer of the service which made individual body, health and medical data, and various medical information cooperate
* Construction and offer of the platform which enables the above-mentioned service
* Cooperation with the health care apparatus of Omron Healthcare, and a platform
* Cooperation with the healthy support service of DoCoMo, etc.
* Examination of a prospective medical service (telemedicine, a remote medical treatment, etc.)

The measure track record of DoCoMo in health and the medical field

* Offer of the healthy support service “i Bodymo┬«” which utilized the mobile phone
* Offer of the lifelong education service for medical workers on a smart phone and PC “MD+(MD plus) ┬«”
* University of Tokyo hospital Joint research of consultation / medical treatment support service in a social cooperation lecture
* Common trial enforcement with a medical-related company (“drug history handbook” etc. with Ain Pharmacies, Inc.)

Deployment of broad service is aimed at by cooperation with the company etc. which moreover hold healthy related contents.

Moreover, it cooperates also with a medical institution, the smooth health care communication between a patient and a medical worker is created in the future, and it tackles aiming at realization of the remote medical treatment using mobile technology etc.