Japan Tops Our Mobile Planet Survey
Japan Tops Our Mobile Planet Survey

Japan Tops Our Mobile Planet Survey

Japan Tops Our Mobile Planet Survey

Our Mobile Planet – Google survey 30 countries & 30k users – Japan ranks 1st for apps, purchases & web surfing: http://bit.ly/tBx02E

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Machine Translation:

The large-scale investigation regarding the smart phone utilization of the world

With Google, IPSOS, Mobile marketing association (MMA) with cooperating, worldwide 30 countries, targeting the smart phone user 30,000, it did the large-scale conduct consciousness investigation regarding the smart phone. From this day, we release the same findings from even in Japan.

This investigation, diffusion rate of the smart phone, the utilization circumstance scene and use use, online commerce (data gathering and purchase conduct), has divided into five categories of the reaction to announcement, with our Mobile Planet sight, it can view the findings from freely.

The interesting result where from the findings from, it regards Japan is introduced.

* The number of applications which the smart phone user of Japan has installed with even 45, was most numerous in 30 countries of the investigation object.
* As for the person whom you answer that with the smart phone user of Japan, everyday Mobile Internet of 4 times or more is utilized, with 68%, as for this it was the highest number in Asia.
* We have answered, that 45% of the smart phone users of Japan, the commodity has been purchased by the smart phone, this is approximately 2 times in comparison with America, England and Germany.
* If 1 people or more, either one of the television and the smart phone chooses one in 3 people of the smart phone user of all investigation potential enemies which include Japan, you have answered that the smart phone is chosen.

With Our Mobile Planet, it sets investigation item and the country of the object freely, it is possible to indicate the findings from in interactive. Because in the picture where the findings from is indicated, it is possible, to modify age layer and sex etc, please try comparing the findings from by all means from various angles. The findings from the picture of PNG type, is download possible with CSV and the excelling data.

< Summary >
Execution period: 2011 March ~ July
Investigation area: Worldwide 30 countries
(America, England, Israel and Italy, the Indonesian down town and the Indian down town, Holland, Australia, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain, tie, Czechoslovakia republic, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Finland, France, the Pola India, Malaysia and Russia, the Chinese down town, south Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong)
Investigation object: The user which with each country where investigation was done from the smart phone is accessed Mobile Internet
The number of effective replies: Japan: 2,000 samples