DoCoMo Winter Lineup for 2011
DoCoMo Winter Lineup for 2011

DoCoMo Winter Lineup for 2011

DoCoMo Winter Lineup for 2011

DoCoMo just announced 24 new devices, a new record, incld. four LTE handsets & range of several new services:

Plenty of meat there to wade through, see dedicated page with line-up here, interesting to note they don’t seem to have any models by HTC and there was no W7 Mango version either.. [Eds]

NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today its 2011 winter — 2012 spring product lineup of 24 models for launch in or after November, including 14 smartphones, the largest and most diverse collection ever released by DOCOMO.

DOCOMO’s new smartphone lineup meets a broad range of needs for users in Japan:

* Smartphones for DOCOMO’s extra-high-speed next-generation LTE service, Xi (read “Crossy”), for mobile data communication at up to 75 Mbps (4 models).
* Smartphones equipped for mobile-wallet (Osaifu-Keitai™), infrared-based data exchange, one-seg mobile TV and tethering (9 models).
* Enhanced features for smartphones, such as dual-core CPUs (7 models), large HD-quality liquid crystal screens and high-spec cameras.
* Wide range of smartphone designs and colors, including two collaboration models.
* All smartphones equipped for Area Mail™ transmissions of Earthquake Early Warnings from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

DOCOMO also announced today the mid-November launches of two all-new services for smartphones, “dmenu™” and “dmarket™.” The dmenu portal site will provide a wide range of apps and other content from diverse providers, as well as enriched versions of DOCOMO’s popular i-mode™ content, optimized for easy-to-use smartphone interfaces. The new dmarket content store will offer a wealth of other content, including movies, music, e-books and Android™ applications. DOCOMO’s new smartphones also will have access to a variety of other DOCOMO services, such as i-concier™ for push-based concierge-like personal assistance.

The new models include 8 sophisticated feature phones, all compatible with the i-mode mobile Internet platform. The lineup boasts a distinctive collaboration model and several models equipped for convenient wireless charging. All models are compatible with “docomo Palette UI” for easy sorting, searching and managing of stored content.

In conjunction with the unprecedented scale of this launch, DOCOMO has reorganized its lineup into five categories: docomo with series and docomo NEXT series for smartphones, docomo Tablet category for tablets, and docomo STYLE series and Raku-Raku PHONE series for feature phones.

* docomo with series (smartphones)
Friendly smartphones with fashionable designs and loaded with handy features to make mobile life easier and more fun
* docomo NEXT series (smartphones)
Sophisticated, high-spec smartphones, including for LTE, that empower users to maximize the potential of mobile digital life
* docomo Tablet
World-class tablets featuring excellent operability and customized for DOCOMO’s many unique mobile services
* docomo STYLE series (feature phones)
Advanced feature phones with chic designs and fully equipped for video, games and other rich mobile entertainment
* docomo Raku-Raku PHONE series (feature phones)
Highly user-friendly mobile phones with great basic features suitable for all ages

The new model specs and planned launch dates are noted here.