FriendApp Announces Contest
FriendApp Announces Contest

FriendApp Announces Contest

FriendApp Announces Contest

The talented Milog crew has released their beta ‘droid version of FriendApp along with a Summer Contest campaign:

Machine Translation
Android application program venture Milog Ltd. opens “FriendApp” beta version to the public in general on August 17, 2011.Application programs up to 16 are made as one “Application program album”, and it is possible to share with the friend and the FriendApp user.

FriendApp is an application program that makes “Application program album” picking up my recommendation application program, and can share it with the friend. When a smart phone is bought, an exciting feeling when the home screen is shown with the friend each other can be tasted. It can surely meet a wonderful application program by looking at friend’s application program album.


We will recommend the application program that suits you based on your and friend and FriendApp user’s application program information. Moreover, the ranking by the usage frequency and the number of installations of application programs is being offered.

The review of the album and the application program that I made can be contributed to SNS (Facebook, Twitter, mixi) . Moreover, the friend who doesn’t have/in which FriendApp is not installed Android terminal either can share information because it has the web page of each album application program user profile.

The application program that exists in Android Market can be retrieved. Because the order of the display of the retrieval result has been changed according to each user’s usage, the application program which it looks for can be efficiently found.

TOKYO APP COLLECTION of 250,000 yen in the prize total is held

Event that competes for total coordination of application program according to release of FriendApp beta version TOKYO application program collection 2011 SUMMER contest. The best application program collection in this summer as of August 17, 2011.

Holding period: 17 in August, 2011 Deadline, September 14 (result announcement on September 15)

The application program album put together on five themes such as “Girl association STYLE application program collection” is contributed from FriendApp, and the application program contest that presents 250,000 yen in the prize total to the contributor who collected most votes for the holding period is held.