Wireless Japan 2011 Conference Report
Wireless Japan 2011 Conference Report

Wireless Japan 2011 Conference Report

Wireless Japan 2011 Conference Report

The annual Wireless Japan event took over Tokyo Bigsite last week.. here are a few highlights from this years show: http://bit.ly/kwtI7r

Shamefully we were traveling overseas during these dates, however as always the team at RBB Today did a great job covering the action, Several dozen stories – in Japanese – Filed Here. Clearly the auto-translation product, as noted below, has been getting some real attention, we had a great test-drive on that during MWC in Barcelona in Feb., also noting now that DoCoMo put together a pretty swish campaign website for the WJ-2011 event. [Eds]

Machine Translation:

“Interpreting telephone” that President and Representative Director DoCoMo of NTT Takashi Yamada [mo] announced by “Mobile World Congress 2011” held in Spain in February. The part is open to the public in “Wireless Japan 2011”. Let’s introduce the viewpoint of the technology and “Interpreting telephone” exhibition of NTT DoCoMo that approaches achievement.

It has a presentiment of the image of the future of Telecom as one of the noteworthy stocks though this technology is a reference exhibition. The situation to date also had the translation application for a smart phone yet for Android and iOS. However, such a tool is “Interpreting telephone” exactly technology only of the career in the interpreting telephone that NTT DoCoMo developed to make a clear distinction.

Because it is basically an interpreting telephone, it is possible to call usually between both terminals. Even if each other party talks freely like Japanese and English, etc. for instance in a different language, like do the answer of the word of the cellular phone being uttered in the voice synthesis like using the interpreter of the telephone though the line is used 3G times. Atsushi Sato (network development department) at NTT DoCoMo research and development center「It is the one fundamentally different from a so-called translation tool. Our interpreting telephone actually has the other party who talks to, and the one that interprets the word where the other party originates exactly and is delivered to the other other party side. 」The chest is put solving.

Two telephones are the shape tie with the server on the network. It is actually an image to which the telephone between server and 2 terminals is mediated by “Conference bridge”. Sending on user side, and because of hook is done at center and arriving the ..calling.. [ni]And, the voice is made to the text once by the voice recognition feature on the server side, and translates it into the condition of Japanese ←→ English with the translation engine. In addition, the translated text is uttered as a voice by the voice synthesis function, and spread to the other party side by way of the line. A Chinese, Korean interpreter also will be examining it in the future though it is only an English interpreter now.

If it is a conversation of the conversation extent usually at the time of easy accuracy, too, it is almost accurate. The conversation “How much Kyoto hangs from Tokyo to Kyoto though wanted to go sightseeing?” was interpreted in the demonstration when covering, it uttered, it interpreted to the other party well in shape that the meaning makes sense in a series of answer “It takes about two and a half hours by Shinkansen”, and it returned it. Moreover, the point that can be interpreted that it is almost accurate is one of the features in long sentences like news if the grammar is steady with a beautiful pronunciation. It is said, “It is likely to be able to use it even at a present level if communications with not strict shape but the voice can be taken, and it says by the viewpoint of service to which the interpreter affixes the meaning though the mistake still somewhat is found in a vague utterance like the ending of a word etc. , too” (Mr. Sato).

It is also possible to install the application for the interpreting telephone beforehand in a smart phone though it is optional. Telephone call person’s conversational content is displayed in the text, and this is called the one made to confirm it though the voice is recognized on the server side, and it doesn’t know actually how the result of the translation with the engine is going. Like this, this technology can achieve communications that easily exceed the wall of the language in foreign countries as it greets the family the homestay ahead by combining the telephone with network Cloud. I hear that NTT DoCoMo thinks that a mere interpreter alone is not a use scene however. 「Because the meaning of the spoken language can be understood, it can be expected to become service that various “Specialist” satisfies the demand by the combination with network Cloud in the flow of the conversation. Anything is an interpreter “Specialist”, schedule charge, a gourmet guide, and is good in the weather forecast person basic , with [attari]. 」(Mr. Sato)It says.

When talking about the voice of talk over the telephone, the service improvement is sure to come to be able to be attempted in the future in various fields like this by adding some optional functions. For instance, the schedule adjustment in the destination at the visit date will be able to be done, and to use it also for the retrieval and sharing, etc. information on the visit destination by synchronizing it with the Web application of the scheduler. Besides this, the mimic voice might be judged from the side of voice and it be versatile as feelings and health are analyzed, and English is spoken for myself and the pronunciation is checked also in study and the training area.

In the show floor, the booth where those who come can experience such a demonstration is prepared. Moreover, a technological introduction and the lecture meeting, etc. are scheduled on the stage by a professional MC narrator. The impression of the intention should be able to be tasted in the future that doesn’t end only by a mere interpreter when it is thrills and spills.