KDDI Announces Android Developer Lab
KDDI Announces Android Developer Lab

KDDI Announces Android Developer Lab

KDDI Announces Android Developer Lab

A dozen press releases from KDDI today; spring 2011 handsets, dedicated FaceBook page & Android Developer Labs project:

Whew.. lots to pile through. To keep it simple – Thankfully – they have setup this page which has uStream video from the announcement and includes the fancy Flash portfolio of new devices along with link to the ‘Like’ FaceBook page. All good stuff, full list of announcements here [Jpn], but we wanted to make special mention here below of the new KDDI Labo project = Very Cool.. [Eds]

Machine Translation

KDDI begins program intended for a start-up enterprise and the engineer who has the idea of reformative internet services “KDDI ∞ Labo in August, 2011. “KDDI Labo” is a program of three months that supports the internet services development like the product and the application, etc. that center on Android that is global and passes.

The specialist advice is offered from both the communications space, the service development, and the management support in the Roppongi office of KDDI to the team selected from among the applicant. Promotion that uses “au one market” etc. is scheduled to an excellent team, and the support that uses the platform network that KDDI possesses to its maximum is done.

Moreover, a seminar and a technological study meeting, etc. by a famous person are regularly held for the applicant, and the exchange activation of a start-up enterprise and the engineer is aimed at. As a result, KDDI promotes the commercialization of attractive contents by supporting a promising start-up enterprise and the engineer who bears the next generation, and creating both new services. Moreover, participation is held in the “KDDI Labo” program is begun and the kicking off event is held for being examined on June 21, 2011.

– 1. “KDDI ∞ Labo” Program application outline

(1) Details for the recruitment

* The internet services whole like the product, the technology, and the application, etc. that center on reformative internet services and Android ™ that passes in the world is targeted.
* The project is the one, and limits it to service in which the property right belongs to the applicant by the applicant’s originality though doesn’t ask the genre.
* Even the service that has been made public is already possible.

(2) Application condition

* Have the desire to have the idea of reformative internet services, and to achieve the idea in an open platform.
* The applying internet services for this program period Possess technology that can release the β version service to (three months).
* The individual, the corporation, and the team The division of (three people or less) is not asked, and ten employees or less limit establishment to the corporation of less than three years for the corporation.
* The place of advice with the person in charge of KDDI regularly done for the program period It is necessary to be able to participate in (Tokyo).
* Confer on neither investment nor business tie-up about applying corporation or internet services without the approval of KDDI beforehand for the program period.

(3) Application method
The homepage It is possible to apply from:


(4) Application period
17 in May, 2011 – July 22, 2011
– 2. “KDDI ∞ Labo” About the kicking off event

(1) Date
21 in June, 2011 Beginning at 14:30

(2) Place
Akihabara UDX gallery

(3) Those who ascend the platform
KDDI Corp.
Takashi President and Representative Director Tanaka
Representative director executive director [takahashimakoto]

* – The guest presenter is a participation schedule.

(4) Object
“KDDI ∞ Labo” Participation is examined to the program.

(4) Application method
The homepage It is possible to apply from

Also worth noting is the KDDI tie-up with FaceBook:

KDDI and Facebook agreed to the cooperation approach of the offer of the experience and the function synchronization in the KDDI service with Facebook by the customer who used the KDDI service.

Social telephone book “jibe” for au smart phone is renewed as the first, and the convenience of Facebook is improved. Moreover, the Facebook widget only for “INFOBAR A01” with the refined user interface is installed in “INFOBAR A01” of iida. In addition, KDDI synchronizes service including the au one portal, music, and shopping with Facebook, and will offer a new additional value to the customer who uses the KDDI service by using the social graph in the future.

The person who uses the au cellular phone exchanges it by these more easily with 500 million all parts of the world people or more of the use of Facebook, and information that suits me or more is collected and it comes to be able to share.

We will separately guide details.

Henri Moissinac, person in charge of Facebook mobile division is described as follows:
To access Facebook conveniently from anywhere, Facebook advances cooperation with a portable entrepreneur in each country. Many people are expected to be able to offer the mobile application program environment of the high quality through the collaboration with this KDDI, and to enjoy Facebook in addition with the friend and the family very much.

Representative director corporate officer executive director [takahashimakoto] of KDDI is described as follows:
It is a revolutionary, global service that enables communications with people all over the world who rise also to as many as 500 million people who keep expanding Facebook. It is expected that KDDI doesn’t limit these advantages to the au cellular phone by the collaboration with Facebook, and be able to provide attractive service to the customer in cooperation with a lot of services achieved with broadband and CATV, etc.