Nikkei Announces Android Award Winners
Nikkei Announces Android Award Winners

Nikkei Announces Android Award Winners

Nikkei Announces Android Award Winners

The Nikkei and various partners have announced their Android Apps Competition winners with top honors going to Voice4u:

Press Release – Machine Translation

Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. announced the prize winner of development contest “Android Application Award 2010-11 of the Android application. Sponsored: Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. ITpro and a special support: KDDI, NTT DoCoMo, Sharp, a Sony Ericsson mobile communications, Sony, and backup: association of Japan Android on April 25, 2011.

A3 is a development contest of the Android application software of a mobile market to support activation and the developer. The 1st “A 3 2010 Spring” is held in 2010, and A 3 2010-11 Winter becomes the second times.

438 works were entered in A 3 2010-11 Winter, and the prize winner of the look grand prize, 3 excellent prize works, communications prize, frontier spirits prize, innovation prize, global prize, imaging prize, prizes for planning, and & feeling prize, student prize, and prizes of the early adapter was elected respectively from among that.

As a result of a strict examination, the grand prize was decided to “Voice4u” of Spectrum. This work is an application program that supports the expression of the will of people with difficult linguistic expression such as autism, and the one that is called “AAC (expansion and alternative communication) tool” in general.

Various pictures that express thing, matter, and person’s act and feelings, etc. are registered in this application program, and the word that the picture shows that the user touches these pictures is uttered automatically, and the other party can be told the intention. A thick binder that put a lot of cards where the picture was drawn and an expensive special machine were used for this usage so far. This tool has greatly improved convenience by easy carrying, and having mounted as an application program on a smart phone that has easy-to-use user interface such as touch panels. The merit of a smart phone was drawn out by an aspect different from the pursuit of a new technology, and the point to have changed handicapped people and the family’s life greatly was evaluated high.

The list of the prize winner is as follows (In parentheses, it is name of the author).
– Grand prize

* Voice4u (Spectrum [bijonzu])

– Excellent prize

* DroidShooting (Quest-Com)
* Naka map(interesting corporate kayak)
* Spit)

– Communications prize

* Camelog – communications connected with camera -([eichi-mu])

– Frontier spirits prize

* AiWiFi ([e-aisa-bisu])

– Innovation prize

* [Kareidokamera] 3D[Nekomeshi] ..(..)

– Global prize

* Droidget Camera (GClue)

– Imaging prize

* Morpho Self Camera (morpho)

– Student prize

* meets (doughnut)

– Prize for planning

* scrapRoid (code head)

– Look & feeling prize

* RetroMoviePlayer (kotaroid & georgeatom)

– Early adapter prize

* taglet ([sodabi] assistant of [**] Inoue & Katayama)