Use Trend for Japan Smartphone – Survey
Use Trend for Japan Smartphone – Survey

Use Trend for Japan Smartphone – Survey

Use Trend for Japan Smartphone – Survey

Detail report on smartphone adoption in Japan, based on survey of over 10k people, produced by ASCII General Laboratory:

Machine Translation

“Than the iPhone purchase intention person Is the Android purchase intention person: Usually Application program that it is in his/her twenties, is in his/her thirties respectively, it is in his/her forties, and availability is high.”

Satoshi Endo, head of ASCII General Laboratory talks about digital contents consumption in net age.

ASCII General Laboratory has released 10,000 person investigation “MCS (media & contents surveys) 2011” that becomes the second times in this year. This is hearing of the use state of media and the consumption situation of contents in detail for the panel of 10,000 people extracted along the population composition ratio and the geographical distribution of Internet user who calculated it from “Communication use trend investigation” of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications. It was a lifestyle in twenties now to have pulled our eyes most in the total result of this MCS.

The purchase intention rate of a smart phone is a character and is understood by the hope of women of iPhone in one’s twenties more than the man when separately totaling it at the age (Figure 6). The purchase intention rate of iPhone in the latter half (25-29 years old) in one’s twenties especially projects even to a woman the same and in one’s twenties though it is not in the graph. It is a point that it cannot be overlooked that iPhone purchase intention in one’s teens is high. It indeed becomes a result “One’s teens wants iPhone most” if it sees at the purchase intention rate that occupies it at each character and age though this graph is a ratio that occupies it to the purchase intention person at the age.

On the other hand, half of the man the ratio of women is a level at the purchase intention rate of Android. The reason for Android is that acknowledgment is low still under the variety program of daytime while iPhone is popular existence by the introduction of the application program. However, Android of the purchase intention rate of Android is slightly higher with 12.2% as a whole while the purchase intention rate of iPhone is 10.5%.

The iPhone user had a lot of ratios of the “Mac” user, and had the feature said that the ratio of “Independent enterprise” was high (The designer etc. are included here) at first of the sale. It is when the ratio of a general user increases, too, and also for the person who will buy iPhone in the future, there are still a lot of “Unique layer”.

It sees here, and it is understood that there is a considerable difference in the purchase intention layer in iPhone and Android. And, it is likely to become the following as an answer to the question “Who buys a smart phone in the future?” also that is the title of this article.

IPhone will be supported by a peculiar group of users to iPhone and expand in the female layer of one’s teens and the latter half in one’s twenties as a whole though is attention.

At present, the man occupies about 2/3 to the purchase intention person about Android after a peak of the latter half in his thirties. This will change half willingly by the acknowledgment of Android, and now by the appearance of the terminal (It has already been sold in foreign countries) etc. for women of the size at the level (However, there is a rumor that Apple also turns on “iPhone mini” to this area, too). The part of the Android terminal caught on the extension wire of a past cellular phone is large as a whole. At present, the purchase intention person’s preference is actually seen it is general as user’s occupation compared with iPhone though it is Android that has been biased to sales, the engineer, and the executive job a little. This “Ordinariness” might become a material that expands the market of Android at a dash.

However, whats should be paid attention as smart phone user’s appearance in the future are the people who positively use social media with a smart phone. It becomes one new Japanese by should say, such a layer is “Social native” appearance. I think that there is a possibility that a smart phone becomes the most important factor that decides the life style like the car before, too. You might assemble the business by thinking a final goal of the smart phone user about this.