Fujitsu Enters e-Book Business
Fujitsu Enters e-Book Business

Fujitsu Enters e-Book Business

Fujitsu Enters e-Book Business

Fukistsu has announced it will enter the e-book business for PC and mobile web in partnership with Dai Nippon Printing

Fujitsu Enters e-Book Business

Tokyo, Mar 3, 2011 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu today announced that it will establish an online e-book store offering a wide variety of digital content starting May 2011. The new service is designed as one way for Fujitsu to expand its PC and mobile phone business in Japan, offering an environment that will allow customers to fully enjoy digital publications.

As a first step, Fujitsu’s new online e-book store will provide digital content through a partnership with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and DNP’s affiliate, Inc. Fujitsu plans to spread the use of e-books by establishing collaborations with a variety of e-book service providers.


The popularity of e-books is increasing rapidly, particularly in the US. The spread of e-books is also progressing in Japan. As part of its efforts to bring about a human-centric intelligent society, Fujitsu will offer an environment through products which enable users to comfortably enjoy digital publications in a variety of situations. Fujitsu will continue to offer a range of services that leverage the company’s strengths in cloud services, sensor technologies, and multifunction terminal development.

Overview of the Online e-Book Store

1. Wealth of content
Through its partnership with the DNP Group, Fujitsu will be offering a large-scale catalog of e-book content. The service will offer approximately 300,000 magazines, white papers, statistical information, survey reports, and other publications geared towards business people provided by G-Search Limited, a Fujitsu Group company. In addition, the service will include business, IT, test prep and other e-book content from Fujitsu FOM Limited’s publication unit, with the aim of offering one of Japan’s largest selection of e-resources.

2. Full-featured search capabilities
The service offers full-featured search capabilities, including cross-searches of content provided by the DNP Group and content from the Fujitsu Group.

3. Compatible with a variety of platforms
In addition to PCs, users will be able to view e-book content on a wide variety of terminals, such as Android(TM) OS-enabled tablets and smartphones.

Comment from Motoharu Kitajima, Managing Director, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
“On behalf of Dai Nippon Printing, we are thrilled that Fujitsu will start the online e-book service. Our intention for the future is to further strengthen our working relationship and together with Fujitsu, deliver to readers an optimal reading environment through e-books.” said Motoharu Kitajima, Managing Director of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Launch Date: Starting May 2011