GREE Does Deal in China with Tencent
GREE Does Deal in China with Tencent

GREE Does Deal in China with Tencent

GREE Does Deal in China with Tencent

Tokyo-based mobile SNS platform GREE has announced tie-up with Tencent, operator of the popular QQ service, in China

We noted expectations of GREE activity in China a few weeks ago on their new US office posting [Eds]

Machine Translation

Gree Ltd. forms a business tie-up with Tencent of the internet services enterprise in Chinese

Tencent aims to offer internet services with a high additional value in China for PC, tablet PC, and the mobile device, and to enrich the user’s interactive experience. This company offers internet services over many topics of communications such as portal web sites for “QQ” portal web site “” including Instant Messenger “QQ” and game portal, social network service (SNS) “Qzone”, tablet PC, and mobile device, information, the entertainment, and the E-commerce, and is developing the maximum online community in China. The business tie-up of this Gree and Tencent can easily progress the social application program offered by a social application of the development partner (henceforth GREE partner) who uses “GREE Platform for smartphone” (*) (henceforth social application program) and “Tencent Wireless Services Division” with mutual SNS.

Tencent shares the specification of “GREE Platform for smartphone” that is already open to the public and the specification of “QQ Wireless Game Center”, and supports the business deployment on “QQ Wireless Game Center” including localize to the GREE partner in Japan by this tie-up. As a result, the GREE partner can easily offer it on “QQ Wireless Game Center” without developing a social application program for the smart phone offered to “GREE” from one. Moreover, a popular social game is scheduled to be offered to the user of “GREE” by “Tencent Wireless Services Division” through “GREE Platform for smartphone”.

The expansion is expected further in China exceeding 120 million mobile game users as for the market scale in September, 2010. The Gree supports GREE partner’s business deployment by this tie-up as the foothold of the business development in the Chinese mobile game market that grows up rapidly, and aims at the expansion of a domestic platform business.

In Gree, the overseas deployment has already been advanced as the investment in SNS for mobility with about 40 million members centering on the rising nation including Southeast Asia “Mig33″ etc.It aims at providing with the number 1 community service that all users all over the world use by advancing cooperation with a powerful domestic and foreign partner in the future.

When it turns out to be examining closely now, and to influence, I will promptly make the influence that this announcement gives the achievement public.

* It is a mechanism that an outside developer can provide the application service by making smart phone version SNS”GREE” a platform.

[Tip via: Reuters]