Mobile SNS Age Verification Service
Mobile SNS Age Verification Service

Mobile SNS Age Verification Service

Mobile SNS Age Verification Service

KDDI announces age verification service for mobile SNS platforms; Gree, Mixi and MobaGa to start at the end of Jan.

The mobile content access and filtering regulations – by age – saga goes back a few years – More Here. All considered, it would be ‘interesting’ to see how they relate this approach for say.. Twitter? [Eds]

Machine Translation:

After the end of January, 2011, KDDI and Okinawa cellular begin the offer of “Age confirmation service” that attests the age of the customer who uses contents by using contractor information on the au cellular phone for the first time in a domestic mobile carrier for the correspondence contents.

Consumer Generated Media (hereafter, CGM) Making the age attestation certain is requested in CGM contents offer company as part of juvenile protection in service.
KDDI and Okinawa cellular notify the contents offer company corresponding to the age confirmation from KDDI or Okinawa cellular original of the agreement of the customer by the input of the password and customer’s age information when contents that the customer corresponds to the age confirmation are used. It becomes possible for the contents offer company to use age information, and to use service more safely and safely regardless of the adult or the minority.

Moreover, it corresponds to this service more than the end of January, 2011 in “au one GREE” that KDDI manages in cooperation with glee Ltd..
In “au one GREE”, it thinks the enlightening activity in the setting of the functional restriction according to the expansion of the system of patrol on the site and the age and the inside and outside of the site etc. to be able to improve the effect of the functional restriction according to the age in “au one GREE” by introducing “Age confirmation service” aiming at youth’s protection and health promotion though measures are strengthened one by one.

When it is our important social responsibility to support improvements in information literacy to the safe, safe use of the cellular phone and the Internet, KDDI and Okinawa cellular are caught. It contributes to the creating environment for which the telecommunication service can be used safely and safely for the customer because of the expansion of service and commodities of the enlightening activity of the offer of website “JUNIOR net” where a correct usage in “KDDI cellular phone classroom” and the school and the home can be learnt etc. and the filtering service, etc.

* au one GREE – Correspondence schedule in the end of January, 2011
* mixi – Correspondence schedule in February, 2011
* Mobage-taun – Correspondence schedule after March, 2011