DoCoMo LTE Real World Speed Tests
DoCoMo LTE Real World Speed Tests

DoCoMo LTE Real World Speed Tests

DoCoMo LTE Real World Speed Tests

IT Media article with speed tests on new Xi DoCoMo LTE network, downlink ranged from 8Mb to 20Mb in various locations.

The Studio Xi website [Jpn] may be interesting future resource, also note Martyn Williams, Tokyo bureau chief at IDG News, files this report: [Eds]

Machine Translation

DoCoMo’s next generation communication in this service “Xi ([kurosshii;])” started. This adopts LTE that is an international standard, and a part of descending 37.5Mbps or less/going up 12.5Mbps or less and the indoor high-speed communication in descending 75Mbps or less/going up 25Mbps or less is the one of possible in the area in outdoor.

In this Xi use test, it visited Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) that was the area of descending 75Mbps or less/going up 25Mbps or less at first of the service beginning the Xi area and indoors in Tokyo each place.

First of all, it was roughly a speed (Refer to details to the Xi field test result) when it tried in Roppongi and the Hamamatsu-cho, etc. before and after descending 10Mbps though it was a test of use in the town that became Xi outdoor area.

Having become the most high-speed numerical value records 15Mbps or less by descending here in the vicinity of the Roppongi intersection. Also in other places, it was surely faster than FOMA. The transmission rate quickens by shortening of the distance from the base station like being so other mobile data communications as for Xi. It will be able to be said that the test this time is still immediately after the service beginning, and this result is excellent if it is considered that the number of base stations was little. DoCoMo increases the number of base stations in outdoor in the future, and the transmission rate of Xi seems to quicken further.

And, it is Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) to have felt “Strength in reserve of Xi” in addition where the communication by descending 75Mbps or less/going up 25Mbps or less is possible.

If the situation avoided it here, the communication at the speed before and after descending 20Mbps or less was possible by the actual measurement value, and the transmission rate of going up became it before and behind 5Mbps, too. Movement was smooth and the image quality was high though the delivery experiment of Ustream had been done by using the line of Xi by way of experiment besides being able to transmit as big presentation data [mosaku] of the photograph and capacity.

In DoCoMo, it is scheduled to expand one by one centering on the main airport of the Xi area corresponding to descending 75Mbps or less, the main station, a large-scale, commercial facilities, and the office building, etc.Being able to communicate there in this comfortable environment because it is a lot of at the chance to open note PC in such a place is at the place in which it cannot overlook it. Moreover, it is said that the Xi area in outdoor will be scheduled the future a similar room it speed-up, too. It will be able to have the expectation in seeing the potential of Xi in Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) considerably in the future.