NFC for Android Trials in Japan
NFC for Android Trials in Japan

NFC for Android Trials in Japan

NFC for Android Trials in Japan

SoftBank will run NFC Android trials on HTC Desire devices, with a collection of partners, starting in January 2011

Interesting news coming about the same time as this for the new Nexus S.. 😎

Machine Translation:

A Softbank mobile company, Orient Corp., Credit Saison Co., Ltd., Gemalto Ltd., Kyodo Printing Ltd., Mastercard world wide, HTC Corporation, and Trusted Logic S.A . The company uses the NFC technology, and Android ™ I will begin the proving test of noncontact IC settlement service in accordance with an international standard with a smart phone equipped with 2.2 in the middle of January, 2011.

The actual experiment downloads the credit card application and credit card information easily and speedily by way of a wireless network in IC chip on U SIM card for NFC that exists in the cellular phone terminal, and settles noncontact IC that depends in mobility. The actual experiment conforms to recommended standard (Single Wire Protocol) of GSM society Pay-Buy-Mobile that is the industry group related to the portable communication business.

Android ™ by which the customer can manage various applications on U SIM card easily and conveniently in the actual experiment that aims at the verification of the convenience of mobile NFC service The application for is offered. The credit card application can be selected as if the credit card used was chosen from the purse when shopping is paid.

This time, two credit card companies companies are MasterCard(R) corresponding to an international standard PayPass ™ is offered respectively as a credit card application, and actual MasterCard(R) Noncontact IC is settled in PayPass ™ joining shop.

Service and the solution that the customer can be satisfied through the actual experiment are examined, and it aims at the achievement of mobile NFC service of the international average in Japan.

Please confirm the following about the outline of the actual experiment.

Outline of proving test

1. Period of beginning time

Beginning in about the middle of January, 2011 is scheduled.

[ Note ]
  • About three months are scheduled for the period.

2. Those who verify it about proving test

Only parties concerned of the proof experiment participating company

3. Participating company and role

Corporate name Role
Softbank mobility Offer of server system (TSM) related to mobile NFC
It is Android ™ to the user Offer of the application for.
Android ™ Offer of USIM card for smart phone and NFC equipped with
Oriental Corporation Offer of server system (TSM) related to mobile NFC
Offer of PayPass ™ application
PayPass ™ issue business and [akuwaiaringu] business
Credit Saison Offer of server system (TSM) related to mobile NFC
Offer of PayPass ™ application
PayPass ™ Issue business
Gem alto Mobile phone carrier and technical assistance to development of solution related to NFC including TSM for service entrepreneur and USIM card and proving test
Kyodo Printing Data generation of PayPass ™ personalization
Interface construction with service provider TSM
Mastercard world wide Offer of noncontact settlement scheme PayPass ™ specification corresponding to International Standard
HTC Corporation Android ™ Technical assistance to development of API related to NFC for smart phone equipped with 2.2
Trusted Logic Built-in development support for stack of protocol related to NFC

4. Outline of model of proving test

Outline of model of proving test

Application for cellular phone terminal and user

Android ™ of mobile Softbank API related to NFC is mounted on smart phone "HTC Desire SoftBank X06HTII" equipped with 2.2, and it uses it as a cellular phone terminal for the actual experiment. Android ™ that can easily do information on two or more credit cards downloaded to USIM card for NFC and the operation of the history, etc. The application for is offered on a smart phone.

Server related to USIM card and NFC for NFC

A series of processing like the download of the generation of secure area (Security Domain) in U SIM card and the credit card application and personalizations, etc. is achieved by OTA(Over The Air) online with U SIM card with the NFC antenna that conforms to Trusted Service Manager(TSM) and Single Wire Protocol(SWP) that is the solution related to NFC of the gem alto.

Credit card and member store

Oriental Corporation and Credit Saison offer PayPass ™ that is noncontact IC settlement solution of the mastering card world wide that conforms to an international standard respectively as a credit application downloaded to USIM card for NFC, and MasterCard(R) of Oriental Corporation PayPass ™ joining shop and overseas MasterCard(R) The verification of the noncontact settlement is executed in PayPass ™ joining shop.

Generation of credit card information

The data generation of the personalization written online is done to the application downloaded to USIM card with the EMV data processing system that Kyodo Printing that has received the recognition of MasterCard PayPass ™ card manufacturing and the issue constructs.