Renesas Introduces RF21S for NFC
Renesas Introduces RF21S for NFC

Renesas Introduces RF21S for NFC

Renesas Introduces RF21S for NFC

NFC World has post on the latest NFC offering from Renesas which combines the controller with embedded secure chip

A quick ping to trusted sources noted that other players, Samsung for example, have also combined the controller and chip recently.. perhaps a 1st for ‘ultra-slim’ size? [Eds]

UPDATE Dec. 9th

This contact just in from Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World:

As your article mentions, many chip suppliers have announced similar sounding solutions recently to the one from Renesas (and we have written about them all at NFC World over the last few weeks).

But the Renesas chip is the only one that is a single chip solution (the others are two separate chips connected together). It may sound like the same thing but it makes an enormous difference in terms of the performance of the product – and it also means that Renesas really does have a world first.

A quick follow-up with our original source notes:

From my understanding, Renesas (7/Dec) or Inside Secure (29/Nov)(*1) is the first NFC controller chip to combine the Controller, RF and Secure element. It looks like the Renesas chip is closer to mass adoption that the Inside Secure chip though. Also note, Samsung’s chip was the first to combine the NFC Controller, RF and Flash memory.
(*1) INSIDE Contactless Launches SecuRead System-in-Package for NFC Mobile Devices

It would seem their carefully worded ‘in single package’ quote did not clearly state a ‘single chip’ so Renesas appears to correctly claim their world first offering. Many Thanks to all for the clarification.

Renesas announces combined NFC controller and embedded secure element chip

The RF21S is the first product to combine the functions of an NFC controller and an embedded secure element in one ultra-thin chip, minimizing the space required within a mobile device and reducing transaction times.

Renesas Electronics has introduced the RF21S, a single chip that performs the functions of both an NFC controller and an embedded secure element in a mobile phone or other NFC device.

The RF21S is the first of a new family of RF20 series embedded NFC chips the company plans to bring to market. Future developments are set to include new microcontroller products with larger memory capacities, more peripheral functions and improved performance and functionality for high-end applications. Lower cost products for low-end applications and support for Mifare applications are also planned.

Samples of the RF21S are scheduled to be available from March 2011 and mass production is due to begin in July 2011. A combined volume of one million units per month is projected by January 2012, Renesas says. Original source in JPN Here.