Natsuno Presentation at Mobidec
Natsuno Presentation at Mobidec

Natsuno Presentation at Mobidec

Natsuno Presentation at Mobidec

Natsuno-san, father of imode, presented at the annual Mobidec event on past, present and future of Mobile in Japan.

iPhone, Android along with low-cost labor markets cranking out handsets represent both challenges and opportunities for the plan in Japan. Many, including us, were keen to hear what the iconic leader of mobile over the last decade here had to say. One key-point he noted, that we have been harping about for what seems like years now; the pay per event approach via standard App Stores, along with 30% gouge vs. 10% standard here, compared to recurring monthly subscription of imode (etc) and how the latter original Japan model allows dependable revenue streams for CPs to forecast and build.

There is some real food for thought via article below, noted this detailed report posted at Keitai Watch.

Machine Translated:

Natsuno thinks that the Internet players such as Apple and Google are seizing the initiative also in Japan. The content with a similar symposium of any career from 2008 though the one that service and the terminal that the career had thought about were set had been offered up to now. If iPhone goes out from three careers, it becomes the same presentation. This shows that the Internet player is becoming the center of evolution.

The fall as for [runode], the contents market increases further though the number of subscribers of the cellular phone decreases an increase of sales of past cellular phone contents when a smart phone spreads though there is the [tomiru] direction, too. It is new in the memory that “[Mobage-taun]” and “GREE” have increased sales in the item account. Additionally, it is large that the account method is different in a cellular phone and a smart phone. The account occupies the majority to the application program for a smart phone though the monthly sum account of the paid site of the cellular phone is basic for each download. The chest is put , saying that “At first, gratitude has been expressed for the monthly sum account now though there was oppose Mr. CP, too”.

When it was a monthly sum account (every month), it became did not have to start extra for the marketing expense because earnings were neatly predictable. It will be necessary to strike promotion for a long time because it doesn’t understand next month if as many as 500,000 download a certain month for a smart phone. It doesn’t approve easily as a business because it ends because of one-off download though there are a game etc. of 900 yen each, too. The tough going continues to CP even if a smart phone spreads (The application program for a smart phone is handled). It is not pink at all.

Natsuno speaks the maximum factor that a smart phone spreads in Japan to be in “Price of the terminal”. “Terminal purchase support” that discounts the terminal fee of a smart phone for two years contingent on the contract is introduced for DoCoMo, and the phenomenon that a smart phone is cheaper than high-end models of PRIME and the PRO series, etc. has occurred. Actually, there is an investigation that “[Rakuraku] phone 7” is 45,024 yen it, 29,064 yen “GALAXY S”, and sold in November, too. Because [garake-] was too high, it was stopped to buy it though it went to the DoCoMo shop even if the other day cellular phone was bought. There might be a lot of people who are buying a smart phone because it is cheap. Natsuno points it out solving.

From the thing making to the beginning making

Shifting from “Thing making” to “Beginning making” has Natsuno’s idea in the age of the future. These two companies are not in the competitive relationship though Google and Apple do making the thing but the beginning making. Obtaining the advertising revenue by using service on the net aims at Google. Apple develops by the vertical integration to make the terminal and service cooperate, and exists in a rival relation with the cellular phone manufacturer. Even if only the thing making is done, the cellular phone manufacturer cannot win Apple. The candid advice was presented.

Natsuno proposes, “The manufacturer should also cooperate with the network service to fight against Apple”. It was not so positive though the manufacturer had individually made service up to now. It is Android that he or she who spoke, “You should leave the rice cake to the rice cake shop” paid attention. “Because OS is being offered free of charge, the career should also develop Android more positively though a Japanese manufacturer missed the wave of Android. “It is said, Natsuno’s et al. wanting to do most now is “[Garake-] is made Android”. It is thought that this making to Android is connected with the beginning making that exceeds the frame of the thing making.

The career, the manufacturer, and CP should do.

Natsuno announced the proposal only of he or she to the career, the manufacturer, and CP by the theme of” “For Nippon comeback movement at the end.

It is spoken to the career that it is necessary to become “[Nettoatama]” from “Communication [atama]”. When LTE is heard, old 3G is recalled. No one can explain whether the transmission rate goes up and what changes. It is [garake-] of Japan to take the Internet positively though a smart phone is said like the black ship. A smart phone is actually a recurrence of the starting point. It made, a smart phone showed whether it was able to make the best use of the net service in the maximum the key, and it was shown to grasp.

It is necessary to reconsider the business model, and it is important how much communication income a user today bring from the number of pure increases. Because a pure increase and corporate power are unrelated, it doesn’t become a competition any longer only by a pure increase.

Another one doubt with “(The line is offered) Is it bad so much to become an earthen pipe shop?” was presented. When all (DoCoMo, KDDI, and mobile Softbank) terminals and the network qualities become the same all, the profit of all companies is astriction [sareru] in 33%. Then, embarrassing it is an enterprise in 1st place. It was assumed it was important in kept spoke, and offering a high-quality line differentiating.

It is posture that it is necessary to speak, “The consideration done business in Japan has not consisted any longer”, and to overseas advance positively for the terminal manufacturer. A high-end model of Japan cannot differentiate in China when the passed localize is done though hears the voice with a too high specs. A manager not confident thinks that you should change management because there is still a competing delay.

On the other hand, it was easily the world to advancement that it was important to secure the ascertainment of the market, talent, and the resource of the capital etc. negatively of CP.

The world actually runs after the road where we have walked though Japan seems to be defeated before it cuts by using potential. It is important to take the technology adopted in the world and to make the ecosystem. Natsuno who flies crevice. solvingAndroid might become in the terminal development power that contents and the manufacturer that the career and CP of Japan have cultivated have cultivated and the future that Natsuno imagines come for the platform to fuse actually.