iPhone 4 Top-Rank in September
iPhone 4 Top-Rank in September

iPhone 4 Top-Rank in September

iPhone 4 Top-Rank in September

September handset rankings for Japan, according to BCN, show the iPhone 4 took top spot with Xperia in 2nd place http://bit.ly/cHoy3K

Machine Translation

In the cellular phone ranking in July and August, the 2nd place following are greatly pulled apart and it is 32GB models of top “iPhone 4”

“Xperia” in 2nd place was only 0.1 point difference though the top was maintained in September. The ratio of smart phones that occupy it to numbers of sales for the entire cellular phone rises from 20.2% in August to the maximum 27.8% ever. “iPhone 4” and “Xperia” monopolized top 3.

“Xperia” in s p mode beginning It approaches 0.1 point difference a popular revival and 1st place.

Smart phone “Xperia SO-01B” and 3rd place equipped with Android made of a Sony Ericsson mobile communications of NTT DoCoMo were models of same “iPhone 4” as 1st place in 32GB model of smart phone “iPhone 4” made by Apple of mobile Softbank and 2nd place according to “BCN ranking” the first sales number place of the entire cellular phone in September, 2010 including a smart phone. 16GB

It increased greatly from last month in September though the number of sales was in the decreasing tendency during the month of “Xperia” after peaking in April immediately after the sale. It might be the maximum factor for ISP for a smart phone that can use the same mail address as i-mode “S p mode” to start on September 1, and to have canceled the problem “The mail address that had been used up to now cannot be used” that is a big weak point of a smart phone.

Of course, there is no change in 1st place of similar and it in July and August if 32GB model and 16GB model of “iPhone 4” are added up. However, strengthening service for a smart phone of the decentralization of the popularity of “iPhone 4” that had concentrated on 32GB model up to now, and DoCoMo comes in succession, and “Xperia” has approached 9.2% and only 0.1 point differences compared with the share 9.3% of 32GB model of “iPhone 4”. The difference is small for “Xperia” to have stood in the top in total on the way until September 1st – September 28th.

Let’s continuously attach to three main careers and NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank, and introduce top 10 respectively during month of September, 2010.

“Xperia” acquires 1st place to NTT DoCoMo continuously last month. It came in 2nd place and cellular phone for the senior made by Fujitsu “[Rakuraku] phone 7” came in “P-07B” and 3rd place made of a Panasonic mobile communications of the sale in September.

“beskey HIY02” of the sale in June acquires 1st place from the tenth last month place to KDDI(au) by the great rank improvement. Moreover, it appeared again in smart phone “IS01” equipped with Android made by Sharp top 10. The order has been raised again with 10th place in September though it was 9th place in July, and 16th place in August. The effect of campaign “IS debut crack” (The name is changed to “IS01/020 percent” extending at the campaign period now) for a smart phone seems to have been brought.

Softbank did not have most changes by a personnel top 10. 32GB model and 16GB model of “iPhone 4” occupy 1st place and 2nd place, and the cellular phone of the type Sharp and made of a Panasonic mobile communications stands in a row 3rd place as follows so far.

Attention is 945SH G Ver.GP30th that came in 10th place. The Gundam popularity was still deep-rooted though it had seemed that “Cellular phone only for [shaa]” of the sale did not get into the news in 2007 by the special specification model who commemorated the 30th anniversary of plastic model of not TV animation ‘Mobile soldier Gundam’ but Gundam. It is possible to still buy it in an online shop of mobile Softbank as of October 8 though it is the limited amount sales.

As for the share and Sharp of the cellular phone, according to the manufacturer, Apple expands because of the down.

There were some topics in the mobile-phone industry in October. For one thing, inauguration of integration of cellular phone businesses of Fujitsu and Toshiba and new company. Au, NTT DoCoMo, and another is from Softbank Mobile to the successive announcement of a smart phone equipped with Android.

Especially, mart phone “IS03” equipped with made by Sharp Android of au of the sale schedule in the end of November is one of a past cellular phone and a smart phone corresponding to the wallet cellular phone, One Seg, and the infrared date communication, etc.It is possible to look for eagerness to a smart phone of au (Refer to “”ISO3″ and the color for the third au smart phone bounce and the wallet cellular phone are orange” for details). In addition, DoCoMo says in November the schedule the announcement of a smart phone of five models by the addition the announcement of “GALAXY S” made of the electron of SAMSUNG.

Sharp that supplies the terminal to all of the three main careers acquires the first sales number place of the entire cellular phone in September, 2010 according to the manufacturer. The share was 16.7%. 2nd place is Apple of “iPhone”, and the share is 16%. Hereafter, it continues with Sony Ericsson mobile communications (13.2%), NEC Casio mobile communications * (12.6%), Fujitsu (11.7%), Panasonic mobile communications (11.7%), and Kyocera (9.8%). Toshiba that integrated businesses with Fujitsu was share 4.1% and 8th place.

The numerical value of NEC Casio mobile communications is totaled adding up numbers of sales for the product put on the market after businesses are integrated and the product that an individual manufacturer put on the market before integrating businesses.

The share of Sharp in 1st place is downed after April, 2010 when only seven places transitions of the share of one year in the past are seen further, and Apple has expanded greatly since July. Other manufacturers are moving considerably up and down by the moon. The reorganization of a domestic cellular phone manufacturer advances as Mitsubishi Electric Corporation known by abbreviating “D” in 2008 withdraws, NEC, Casio, and the cellular phone business of Hitachi are integrated in June, 2010, and NEC Casio mobile communications start newly. It is one side, and there is the remarkable one in the progress of this Apple of several months.

The ratio of smart phones that occupied it to numbers of sales for the entire cellular phone in September, 2010 recorded the maximum 27.8% ever, and reached about the cellular phone that had been newly sold in one month 30 percent near. If the good condition of September is seen, needs for “The address of a past cellular phone can be used” seem to be considerably high of “Xperia” that seems that a factor with the maximum start of “S p mode” of the new service it as the condition of the transfer from a cellular phone on hand to a smart phone.