DoCoMo Rolling with SP-Mode
DoCoMo Rolling with SP-Mode

DoCoMo Rolling with SP-Mode

DoCoMo Rolling with SP-Mode

DoCoMo to roll SP-Mode Sept. 1st, as announced in July, targeted at 5 latest SmartPhone models with many more coming soon.

Machine Translation:

NTT DoCoMo offers “Sp mode” to come to be able to send and receive the i-mode mail with a smart phone at 9:00AM, September 1st. Prior application is necessary, and the use fee is 315 yen a month. The corresponding models are five models (Xperia SO-01B, LYNX SH-10B, dynapocket T-01B, T-01A, and SC-01B).

It serves to s p mode as announced in July by providing with the mail virus check and the filtering service in a corresponding smart phone as a settlement service of the contents purchase price and a free option by the sending and receiving of the Internet connection and the i-mode mail and DoCoMo. Application is accepted also in the shop if it accepts because of a DoCoMo shop, a DoCoMo information center, and a DoCoMo smart phone caring, and the terminal is bought and it contracts.

The user who contracts can use s p mode by adding the APN setting for s p mode with the corresponding model. T-01A should improve the version to Windows Mobile 6.5. If Xperia initializes the main body by the software update, the APN setting is automatically added. It adds by hand power, and other models are added by hand power when not initializing it. The method of adding the manual APN setting is explained by simple manual “Start-up guide” in the download corner of the manual in the Web site of DoCoMo besides being guided in the shop.

If he or she continues the contract of mopera, an existing user can continuously use APN and the mail address of mopera by contracting and using s p mode though the contract and the APN setting of mopera U become unnecessary. Moreover, s p mode is an object of “ISP set crack”.

“S p mode mail application program” that can send and receive mail in the mail address of i-mode is offered with the Android market and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The maximum size of mail is about 10MB. The keeping capacity at s p mode center is about 50MB, and the period is 30 days or less.

Address of 2in1 cannot be used. Moreover, it becomes off the subject in the family discount group of free mail on the smart phone side. The mail virus check is prepared as a free option, and when s p mode mail is sent and received, the virus check and exterminating are done by the server of DoCoMo. The file of the virus pattern of Symantec is used for the check.

The one that contents settlement service can be paid by adding up to claim of DoCoMo when contents corresponding to this service are bought. The line of credit every month is 10,000 yen, and prior application is unnecessary. When using it, s p mode password of four digits is used.

The access limitation service is provided as a free option. “S p mode filter” and “S p mode filter customizing” can be used as filtering service, and the access to the hazardous site can be limited based on the list of the net star offer. Besides this, “Smart price campaign” is executed from September 1st to December 31st. The user who newly contracts s p mode becomes free the monthly fee 315 yen of s p mode for five months in addition to the contract month.