Survey: 72% Watch Mobile TV
Survey: 72% Watch Mobile TV

Survey: 72% Watch Mobile TV

Survey: 72% Watch Mobile TV

Tokyo-based MMD Lab latest survey shows 30% use mobile Twitter, 55% read manga and 72% watch 1Seg digital TV.. Jpn:

Machine Translation:

In the MMD laboratory (mobile marketing data laboratory), “Use trend investigation concerning portable contents” was executed in the online survey by mobile Internet WEB.

investigation result summary

27.7% (the service that was used or accessed in this month) Twitter
72.5% (One Seg availability and the whole)
70.3% (electronic comic availability and the whole)
55.7% (availability of dressing substitution tool and the whole)
79.9% (deko mail availability and the whole)

Investigation period: August 6 – 10, 2010
Valid response: 2,282 people

“Index site” became as a whole, and in the online survey on mobility WEB Internet WEB, when portable contents that were used or had accessed in this month were investigated, “Blog” became next 62.7% and abounding and “Homepage creation service” became the result of the rankuin of CGM system site to the high rank 53.2% in 48.4% and the 1st place following for 2,282 people. Moreover, it has been understood that about 30 percent of the whole uses Twitter for “Twitter” of the item newly added this time in this month when the focus is applied and seen.