New Twitter App for SoftBank Mobile
New Twitter App for SoftBank Mobile

New Twitter App for SoftBank Mobile

New Twitter App for SoftBank Mobile

The Jig browser folks have released JigTwi app. for SoftBank Mobile, includes touch function but not horizontal view

Machine Translation was released about Softbank mobile version “jigtwi” on August 12. The use charge is free (Packet communication fees are excluded). S of Softbank terminal. It is possible to use it with the application program corresponding model (A part of model is excluded).

Jigtwi is an application program from the cellular phone that can use Twitter. A past time line can be smoothly acquired by keeping scrolling besides the time line can be scrolled at high speed with an upper and lower key as well as the DoCoMo version. The retrieval by keyword of a reply to RT and two or more users, a direct message, and [tsui-to], the list inspection, and images are officially contributed, and it corresponds to the input assistance etc. of the hush tag.

The function that can be accessed from URL included in [tsui-to] to an original browser is provided, too and it is possible to use it by the upper bound 4410 yen of the packet charge. However, being possible to inspect it in a Softbank mobile version : only by page 1 about one access. There is no limitation in the number of accesses from a portable browser. A browser is revokable from “Setting” →”External URL”.

It corresponds to the operation of the touch panel, and the time line can be scrolled, and the time line and the function be selected by doing the tap by doing the flick up and down the selection of the screen. It is scheduled to correspond in the future though a horizontal screen cannot be displayed.

The main difference with the DoCoMo version is as follows.

Being possible to access it by a browser : only by page 1. (The DoCoMo version can be inspected up to page 3. )

The horizontal screen display non-corresponds.

The image of the data folder cannot be contributed. (Only the photograph taken then and there can be contributed. )

The size of the character font is fixed by one kind.

The access to the jigtwi download site Or “Yahoo cellular phone” →”Menu list” →”Yahoo cellular phone service list”. The latest information of jigtwi can be acquired even by official account “@jigtwi” of Twitter.