DoCoMo Opens Smartphone Lounge
DoCoMo Opens Smartphone Lounge

DoCoMo Opens Smartphone Lounge

DoCoMo Opens Smartphone Lounge

DoCoMo has opened a swanky Smartphone Lounge for ‘touch & try’ on current device line-up using new DoCOMo Market app store

Machine Translation:

“DoCoMo smart phone lounge” is established.

-The latest model and the application program can be experienced, and the showroom where it specialized in a smart phone is opened in Marunouchi.

NTT DoCoMo (henceforth DoCoMo) will establish showroom “DoCoMo smart phone lounge” that specialized in a smart phone aiming at a DoCoMo smart phone, the DoCoMo market, and the spreading acknowledgement of the relation service of s p mode (TM) in Tokyo and Marunouchi on August 4, 2010(Wednesday).

In “DoCoMo smart phone lounge”, the model that customers suit oneself most while actually experiencing the application of various, smart phones by special staff’ consultings can be chosen. Moreover, the toque event that invites the seminar and the guest will be scheduled to be held regularly, and we send profitable information on a smart phone to the customer.

DoCoMo works to use a smart phone conveniently for more customers at ease in the future and comes.

Open date : 11:00AM, August 4, 2010 (Wednesday)
Address : Tokyo Chiyoda ward-owned easy town 1-12-1 The first floor in New Yurakuchou Bldg

Exhibition of smart phone and application
Demonstration of smart phone and application
Customer support business

– 1 Neither sales nor the trouble repair receipt of the terminal are done.

outline of “DoCoMo smart phone lounge” Exhibition of smart phone real machine

1. Lineup exhibition of DoCoMo smart phone
A smart phone real machine of each OS: Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry can be exhibited, and the terminal that hopes for the customer be chosen.

2. Early exhibition of new item
The new item is preceded, exhibited, and the customer can be experienced.

– Exhibition of service/application

1. Lineup exhibition of DoCoMo smart phone
Portal site for smart phone of DoCoMo “DoCoMo market” and ISP for smart phone “S p mode” can be actually experienced.

2. Exhibition of application
Encouraging and a newly arrived application can be experienced.

3. Watching of animation and music
It can watch animation and music for a smart phone.

– Holding of seminar event(schedule)

1. Holding of seminar
The seminar concerning a smart phone by which everyone can participate is held every day.

2. Holding of event
It is scheduled that the guest is invited, and the event concerning how to master it and the contents applications of a smart phone and a talk show and a smart phone concerning the lifestyle is held regularly.