KDDI Updates Run & Walk Offering
KDDI Updates Run & Walk Offering

KDDI Updates Run & Walk Offering

KDDI Updates Run & Walk Offering

Building on their popular Run & Walk campaign, KDDI has brushed-up the service to include even more functionality, including golf!

Machine Translation:

In “Run&Walk” that supports running and walking, the visibility comes to be able to improve, to select “Walking mode” that corresponds to the number of steps display newly, and to become convenient use by walking. “Run&Walk” To install a quick button on a top screen of the application program, and to begin the workout at once, the function is improved.
In “Fitness” to be able to enjoy an easy exercise with the au cellular phone and PC, new corner “Beauty body making” that proposes a concrete exercise according to customer’s purpose and “Muscle exercise” are newly established. Moreover, more than 200 all kinds of programs are prepared adding 69 kinds of programs of a popular yoga, Pilates, and a real stripe tray program, etc.
In addition, when “Communications function” that can be enjoyed by “Score management function” that can do the uniform management of customer’s golf data and the golf companion and the following reflection point of the score and the round are input, the function to do the lesson suitable from the lesson contents of 100 or more by the professional to you recommended is added in “Golf”.
Various contents concerning sports such as “Retreat style now” that introduce “Everyone’s answer” to answer the interview article and the anxious doubt to a famous person of the topic in everyone now and the hot place to visit and the fashion are developed on the “au Smart Sports” site where “Au one sports” in integrated portal site “au one” of au was greatly renewed.

In “au Smart Sports” that is the sports support service that exceeds the number of members two million, and ..”Run&Walk” “Fitness” “Golf” renewed this time.., “au Smart Sports” “Karada Manager” renewed in the site and June this year. It keeps proposing the new sports style that can be taken by freely combining by customer’s like the health care, dieting, and each sports training, etc. target and lifestyles with shower facilities “Run Pit by au Smart Sports” etc. for the runner who opened in July this year in daily life.

(1) Run&Walk
It came to be able to record running walking more easily by the new pane design that improved easiness to use. Moreover, the photograph is taken in the workout, and to add the function to inform them of the pace while running, and to enjoy running, walking, and the motorcycle more, it supports it.

1) Workout screen according to running, walking, and motorcycle mode
“Walking (Walk) the mode” in addition to existing “Run (Run) the mode” and “Motorcycle (Bike) the mode” is added. “Walking (Walk) the mode” greatly displays the character as seen easily at walking, and the number of steps is displayed in the model equipped with the calorie counter.

2) “Simple mode” is added to an application program top screen.
“Run&Walk” “Simple mode” in which the workout in “Free run” can be begun at once with one button is added from a top screen. As a result, it comes to be able to set a top screen according to customer’s favor and use scene.

3) “Camera function” And, “Map synchronization function” is added.
To take a picture easily in the workout, the camera start button was arranged in the “Run&Walk” application program. Moreover, it is possible to confirm it by being able to preserve the taken photograph in the server with the workout data and the taking a picture location information, and combining the workout data, the photograph, and the map with the au cellular phone and PC after the workout. The scenery found in the workout and the scene etc. of memories can be recorded with the workout data.

4) “Pace reading out function” is added.
Time, the pace a km, and the started distance, etc. are read out on the condition that the customer arbitrarily set.

5) Improvement of performance
It came to be able to begin the workout smoothly by improving the method of measuring GPS even in the place where the measurement was difficult up to now.

(2) Fitness
To propose more effective fitness, a new corner where it had specialized in customer’s purpose was prepared. It is possible to enjoy it from the person to wanting strengthen one’s body in full scale who wants to enjoy fitness easily widely.

1) Top page “Beauty body making” that can be selected and “Muscle exercise” are newly established.
Two top page of “Beauty body making” and “Muscle exercise” in addition to usual top page was newly established according to customer’s purpose. Top page can be changed by customer’s favor. Knowledge concerning the proposal and the beauty of the exercise approached from the beauty side is offered in “Beauty body making” in which it specializes in the effect of beauty. In “Muscle exercise” that specializes in strength training, contents that men of hard training and training according to sports, etc. can also enjoy are prepared.

2) New features included of fitness program and gym retrieval greatness added to 200 kinds or more
Greatly add a fitness program like another, the frame adjustment program, and the hard training etc. in popular yoga Pilates, and at 210 yen a month More than 200 all kinds of programs can be easily used by (including tax). Moreover, it proposes a fitness program that suits the customer from more than 200 all kinds of inside only by answering the quick question in “Diagnosis contents” newly added. Additionally, a fitness gym of the place that is administrative divisions and now can be retrieved in “Fitness gym retrieval”. A profitable experience ticket can be downloaded.

(3) Golf
The design also newly added the golf life and the function and service that supported the score improvement more happily were added. Hereafter, the customer that the golf debut is done and the golfer who aims at the score improvement can also use it.

1) New features included that can be done from “Score input and management” to “Score analysis and recommendation lesson”
The uniform management of customer’s golf data can be done by “My page”. Results from the past and a unified data analysis become possible based on the input score, too. The score not only is managed but also when the following reflection point of the round is input for the first time, the function to do the lesson that suits the customer recommended is added as contents of the cellular phone in the score input from among the lesson contents of 100 kinds or more of famous teaching pros who are (note 1. )

* Note 1) Registration to the premium member is necessary for analyzing and using the lesson contents.

2) Communications function
It is a function to share the golf companion with information, and to mutter and to dress the comment. The corner that is questioned and can answered by the customer (note 2) is business mind [shimasu] .. The comment can be muttered for the golf news and the game news flash, and other customers’ comments be inspected.

(4) “au Smart Sports” Site
“I want to meet the new me through sports” and “I want to become beautiful from the inside of the body” To support a desire each customer, a current “Au one sports” site is renewed on the “au Smart Sports” site.
“Run&Walk” “Fitness” “Golf” “Karada Manager” It is not only latest information of each service, and contents that “Retreat style now” etc. that introduce “Everyone’s answer” to answer the interview article and the anxious doubt to a famous person of the topic in everyone now and the hot place to visit and the fashion are happy debut. In addition, the project that presents goods with the signature from a famous person who appeared in the interview is scheduled, too. Various information to which “Sports, beauty, and health” is taken familiar and happily more than before is progressed.