Wireless Japan 2010 – Panel Discussion
Wireless Japan 2010 – Panel Discussion

Wireless Japan 2010 – Panel Discussion

Wireless Japan 2010 – Panel Discussion

Wireless Japan Tradeshow – Panel Discussion by all three operators related to future of handsets and services http://bit.ly/a6qoYG

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The panel discussion in which the person in charge of a smart phone of three careers participated was held by lecture session “Smart phone executive conference” that had been held on the second day of WIRELESS JAPAN 2010.

The panelist is Masuda NTT DoCoMo smart phone business promotion room business project charge director & product department general manager wicket [hiroshi**] and the KDDI consumer business headquarters service Kazuhiko, and director of Softbank mobility product service headquarters commodity strategy Planning Division [hiroshihira] Endo. The chairperson progress is editor in chief of a Rick Telecom monthly telecommunications Hiroshi of [**] Tsuchiya.

Mr. Tsuchiya, that is, chairperson declined, and, first of all, was begun from the introduction of the situation of a smart phone by the person in charge of each company at the beginning of the panel discussion , saying that “It was not an official policy as the career, and each person’s opinion basically of today’s each panelist’s opinion”.

– NTT DoCoMo that aims at smart phone expansion from terminal and both sides of service

Wicket of DoCoMo : first introducing the trend data of the market. 「Situation in which sales model changed, and shrink is done. ARPU is a decreasing tendency, and DoCoMo wants to be putting this ARPU on the vertical updraft. 」It commented. It introduced the prospect of changing by about 130% compared with the between last year degree on the other hand about a smart phone.
Approach of DoCoMo on ARPU improvement

The forecast of data’s ARPU pulling out voice ARPU by the end of current year and leaving is described as a breakdown of ARPU also in DoCoMo. 「DoCoMo wants to extend ARPU and the packet especially. The target of +110 yen is set up by the between last year degree. I want to clear this figure though it manages to be thought the figure with a high hurdle because there are 50 million users. 」It was said, “I wanted to provide the commodity and service that pushed up packet ARPU like a smart phone and the fixed amount data plan, etc.” showing the target.

It is said, “I want to expand these three pillars” as a approach on a smart phone by DoCoMo enumerating “Terminal”, “Charge”, and “Service”.

First of all, it has introduced turning on Galaxy S of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. about the terminal in autumn in addition to the terminal that was announced and put on the market. In addition, it was commented in winter, “The sale of about seven models is prepared” about the model.

Moreover, it is assumed, “S p mode is begun as another eyeball in September”, and refers s p mode of the new service. As a content of s p model. There were a lot of customers that it wanted to use the i-mode mail for the customer of a smart phone. The pictograph and [dekome] can be used by s p mode on a smart phone. I want to introduce the network access limitation service. In addition, I want to achieve the contents settlement service like i-mode. I want to risk all terminals since the model of winter in addition to an existing terminal for s p mode. It introduced it.

Enumerating besides this and the charge service integration into the DoCoMo market and [pake] [ho-daidaburu], etc. The expansion of service for a smart phone is important. There are a lot of people that it wants to use it in i-mode as for a smart phone popular service because the person who is using i-mode is many. It wants to reflect the voice, to take the wallet cellular phone and i channel, etc. in a smart phone, and to crowd. It talked.

– KDDI that turns on I S Series
Number of shipments of smart phone

Masuda of KDDI introduced the approach on a smart phone of KDDI when continuing.

First of all, Masuda shows the graph of domestic smart phone number of shipments. It entered this year, and each company including Xperia put the terminal on the market though it seemed that a substantial, iPhone overwhelming number had been occupied last year. The number of lineups and it is thought that both volumes are enhanced. It talks.

User’s use intention is continuously analyzed. Masuda「It is thought that the use intention changes, too. In a smart phone, there was originally Windows Mobile, too and the business consumer was center. However, carrying about since the iPhone appearance as the cellular phone of the main daily merges naturally in life. It is thought that such a change progresses. 」It explains that it became it making, and near oneself a smart phone.

On the other hand, the data answered that 51% is interesting none in user survey is shown. Half the number is and there are one fixed quantity person not interesting oppositely either though it is the interest. The feature phone (usual cellular phone) is numerical more abundant still. However, it keeps being interested in the viewpoint of buying it next. The person who has not used it from the function of neither convenience nor the One Seg etc. of E-mail in that yet thinks the stand-off to be [shiteiru]. It explained.

Masuda : analyzing it more deeply. The more than half is a stage of the stand-off though the interest concern has risen. However, various manufacturers enter, and the situation is changing. The person who thinks, ‘A usual cellular phone is [ii]’ might change suddenly one day now, too. In this sense, I cannot help admitting that the influence of iPhone is large. The terminal where it is global and famous is high such as Xperia, Desire, and Galaxy wants to enter besides iPhone within the country, and to pay attention how to Japan will change in the future. It talked.

And, Masuda introduces the approach of KDDI , saying that “KDDI researches thoroughly ..what one in Japan [uke] [ru] smart phone is.., and offers I S Series though are the realities behind which the introduction of a smart phone is delayed”.

It explains the policy of KDDI to an open platform of a smart phone. Masuda Does it become a platform based on OS open in place of it, and what function is added though the manufacturer had made the platform up to now? How much can it able to be included, and this is a place where the career should make an effort though there is a special part in the cellular phone market in Japan. It talks.

Masuda : as a reason why the possession of a smart phone and two usual cellular phones is a lot of now. There are needs for the function of a usual cellular phone. How dissatisfaction with such a smart phone can be wiped out is a point. It analyzes it.

Now, though it is assumed that a smart phone becomes the second terminal「It is thought that the flow that comes to be finished from the second one smart phone terminal by possession comes. The one that it is possible to use it mainly is prepared about the terminal turned on in the latter six months of the term since IS01/02. 」It made, and the second Android bounce terminal introduced the preparation.

Concept of IS01

Masuda introduces the example of two models of I S Series as the latest approach by KDDI in such a situation.

About IS01 It is an encounter of a smart phone and a smart book. It is a place different from the other companies that either has turned it on from niche [natokoro] this time. Large-scale display of five inches and full keyboard of QWERTY. You might think the new genre product for which calling a smart phone uses Android. The product to understand it only has to be able to use though it differs from a usual Android cellular phone. With the explanation. In addition, it introduced correspondence to the mail service of One Seg and the cellular phone and services like LISMO and the Nabis walk, etc.

IS02 equipped with latest Windows Mobile and original UI appealed , saying that “The respect is greatly improved though the comment was gotten from the customer in the point of convenience in past Windows Mobile”. In addition, it introduced the introduction of discount service “IS debut crack” of the charge in IS01/02 for a lot of people to use it.

Masuda : as a problem that in such a situation and a smart now phone have. A variegated application program was still acknowledged as a charm for a smart phone thanks to iPhone. How is the application program arranged for a smart phone, and the approach becomes a point. 」With the point. Then, it introduced the offer of au one Market in addition to a usual Android market in KDDI.

– Softbank that brings people happiness with smart phone
Stance of Softbank

First of all, Mr. Endo of mobile Softbank : It is not originally a wireless carrier. As for Softbank, it thinks whether it is possible to use it by very pleasing the Internet to the customer. It doesn’t replace with a smart phone, and the business is developed while enriching people’s lives. It explained the stance about this company.

“Smart phone of Japan” and “Touch point” and “Expectation for a smart phone” are enumerated as three points by which a smart phone happily leads people in that.

First of all, Mr. Endo points out that there are needs of the camera, infrared rays, and One Seg as a function of the feature phone that it wants you to install it in a smart phone (past cellular phone) about a smart phone of Japan. It explains that the function of Japan is installed based on such needs, the customized Android terminal is called “Intaroid” that brings “Japaroid” and overseas hot-selling product in to Japan as it is, and it is in a smart phone of Japan the two directionality.

Japaroid and Intaroid The future of Intaroid and Japaroid
Touch point

Mr. Endo : to asking oneself. Because a smart phone provides a lot of functions, it is not good only to crush the negative reason not bought. It is thought that a smart phone is ‘Touch point’ that opens the mind for the world. It is an ideal way of a smart phone to display the point with the icon on the screen. It answers.

Concretely, The society’s infrastructure enters for a smart phone. And, they can be added and be detached. The feature is that the customer can come in contact with the society’s infrastructure by his target idea more than the current feature phone. It explains.

Mr. Endo introduces the Android terminal and HTC Desire that Softbank sells equipped with UI”HTC Sence” as the one concrete example. On that UI of a smart phone might be packed various ideas by various people and evolve. The imagination of the career will be exceeded. It expects it there. It talked.

Moreover, it is talked that development also is expected of efficiency improvement in a smart phone. Mr. Endo「The software of the cellular phone grew fast by these about ten years, and a profound and huge development setting was needed. As a result, it has become a labor-intensive industry how much man can be sent now though it is a software industry that must be intellectual. This is not necessarily a good story.

In addition a current problem The quality maintenance management cost has been reduced to some degree by ..open source.. environment. As a result, the person who cannot make the cellular phone up to now comes to be able to make, and barriers to entry falls. In addition, the cost comes to be put on putting out also of an existing manufacturer my strong point. As a result, it is likely to be able to expect it of the improvement of the additional value of the terminal. It is thought that it is an environment of a smart phone that there is a possibility that the terminal for our imagination to exceed appears. It described.

Expectation for smart phone

– What is the strategy for the smart phone spread?

In the discussion part, first of all, Mr. Tsuchiya, that is, chairperson questioned on the definition of a smart phone in each company and the location in the business.

Wicket of DoCoMo : to this. The one that Internet world is seen by palm smart phone. A favorite application program can be used in a smart phone though a usual cellular phone used the portal of the career. It is possible to define it. As a location of DoCoMo「It is thought that it is a device that greatly pushes up the packet transmission income. In becoming the pillar of a big business in the future It talked.

Masuda of KDDI : continuously. The purity Internet did making to which the personal computer was required. Came to being able to carry this in more wieldy as it is shape is a smart phone. Communications from the telephone and mail to another shape in It is possible to define it. And,「First of all, the geek layer (layer where the new one is favorite) jumps at the commodity of a new device and a new category. Only in a smart phone, it is thought that it doesn’t spread more than the geek layer. It is a point what one you prepare to spread it. If the environment that can use service so far is used to use it positively, the barrier might fall. It pointed it out.

Mr. Endo of Softbank「How it earns it by data becomes a big theme in the business of a smart phone. It is necessary to think about the fixed amount service and the supplementary service. While making it「It is thought that the areas other than a smart phone and the feature phone have been left. The business area of the data communication is wide. A smart phone might be only one of them. A further possibility was suggested making it.

Moreover, three people pointed out the possibility that it might reach the half at one time when he or she questioned to how much extended the share of a smart phone Mr. Tsuchiya thought though the opinion with “It did not understand where to go” was both shown.

Mr. Tsuchiya questioned each company on the strategy in the smart phone spread at the end.

Wicket of DoCoMo : to this. Provide the function and the service that exists in a more wieldy charge and the feature phone. The terminal lineup. [Uke] [ru] terminal and needs think the terminal to divide [uke] [ru] terminal and the business in the woman. Our company wants also to strengthen there. It answered.

Masuda of KDDI It is not avoided to lower the barrier that shifts to a smart phone for the spread. Such the one can be likely to have to be used for the current diffusion period though it is said that the mail service and the wallet cellular phone of the career are Japanese original. It differentiates in addition to such a approach. There is a part that comes for the terminal that can be used by a lot of careers to appear, and not to do easily to the part that can be done about the differentiation. It fights based on such a place. It talked.

Mr. Endo of Softbank How how the customer understands a smart phone is told becomes a point. I would like you to expect it though it is thought that the variation and the charge service etc. of the terminal will be variously announced in the future. It answered. Via: Impress.