Preview for Wireless Japan 2010
Preview for Wireless Japan 2010

Preview for Wireless Japan 2010

Preview for Wireless Japan 2010

Wireless Japan 2010 trade-show vendors preview, incld. Kyocera Android prototype targeted for US..

Machine Translation:

“Wireless Japan 2010” held in Tokyo Big sight from 14th to 16th in July. This time, Kyocera that advances the preparation for Fujitsu and the Android terminal turning on by the announcement of the business integration of Sharp and Toshiba that leads by the share according to NEC Casio mobile communications and the manufacturer that accomplished the business integration in this June domestic terminal manufacturer sets up the booth.

Research Inn motion Japan that sends a new model of BlackBerry as a model in the summer of Farr way Japan ([katame] technology Japan) in China that began to show a sense of existence gradually in Japan and ZTE and DoCoMo exhibits an overseas manufacturer.

– The terminal manufacturer in Japan and the viewpoint of the booth

NEC Casio mobile communications of just the integration of businesses in this June (booth number D-211) appeal for the scale of a new company because NEC, Casio, and it shows it bringing the model together in one booth in the summer of Hitachi of three brands. The demonstration to operate PC remotely by “N-08B” is developed in touch & trial corner besides the Wi-Fi function installed in the cellular phone can be tested.

Kyocera (booth number C-101) exhibits the prototype of the Android terminal developing for the North America market in addition to the model in the summer such as “SA002” “Easy cellular phone K005” “Premium Bar presented by BAUM” for Android terminal “Zio” and LTE. It introduces the repeater of WiMAX and the micro base station of LTE about the telecommunication system.

Sharp exhibits 14 models of the model in the summer turned on for DoCoMo, KDDI, and mobile Softbank. It appeals to be able to install the corner where it introduces the coordinated function with LCD TV AQUOS, and to enjoy the Internet screen and a portable application program of the high-definition television animation and the terminal of which it takes a picture with AQUOS SHOT in addition to the still picture on a large screen about high-end camera cellular phone “AQUOS SHOT”.

The corner of the Android terminal is prepared, and “LYNX SH-10B” for DoCoMo and “IS01” for KDDI are exhibited. It introduces functions of the Web inspection, the character input with the QWERTY keyboard, and One Seg, etc. , and it explains the approach of the application program developer support.

Fujitsu (booth number D-216) introduces various services that use the sensor built into the cellular phone. Healthy service etc. to make the activity amount data during a day measured with service and the cellular phone that measures the pulse while moving with service and the earphone type device that can diagnose the walking form only by walking putting up the cellular phone with built-in sensor to the waist cooperate with Cloud are exhibited in the reference.

It introduces “CLEARSURE” etc. of PC and the corporate loss measures solution in the summer of the cellular phone for model and 3D about the cellular phone besides corporate terminal “F-10B” is exhibited. The LTE base station for DoCoMo that announced in March also exhibits.

– The viewpoint of the overseas terminal manufacturer and the booth

ZTE (booth number D-201) that sends audio terminal “840Z” and domestic network camera for the first Japanese market in this company “Watch camera” as model in summer of Softbank. This company exhibits the data communication card corresponding to each network of 3G terminal, a smart phone, and HSPA/HSPA+/LTE/WiMAX for the inside and outside the country in the booth. It introduces the latest communication infrastructure equipment corresponding to LTE FDD/TDD, WiMAX, NG-PON, an optical network, and the IP network, etc. about networking products.

“Pocket WiFi” is turned on for the [i-] mobility, and Farr way Japan (booth number M-13) that greatly contributed to the market expansion of the Wi-Fi router exhibits the built-in module. Useful for various usages by the introduction together with the built-in example appeals.

Research Inn motion Japan (booth number S-13) develops touch & trial corner of “BlackBerry Bold 9700” of the turning on schedule as a model in the summer of DoCoMo. Various functions in the terminal and official clients of Twitter can be tested for the hand.

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