DoCoMo at Wireless Japan 2010
DoCoMo at Wireless Japan 2010

DoCoMo at Wireless Japan 2010

DoCoMo at Wireless Japan 2010

RBB Today does 1-on-1 interview with DoCoMo leading up to the annual tradeshow at Tokyo BigSite – Jpn:

Machine Translation:

Experience joining a club of principle Keiko of model to RBB TODAY editorial department. It challenges the report of “Wireless Japan 2010” held in Tokyo Big sight by hurling oneself for three days from July 14 to the 16th. The report of the 1st asked person in charge of NTT DoCoMo Mio Saito the outline and the viewpoint of the this company booth.

Rieko: How much does the scale of the exhibition booth of NTT DoCoMo become though “Wireless Japan” will be covered for the first time this time?

Mr. Saito: It becomes the biggest booth in this exhibitor.

Rieko: It becomes a large-scale booth. Please teach an exhibition theme of this year’s NTT DoCoMo and a concrete viewpoint in detail.

“Solution” that makes “Smart phone” of jostling like “R&D” in which research and exploitation technology to which it goes Mr. Saito:1 step ahead gather and popular model and new service etc. such as Xperia and next generation mobile network “LTE”, business, and living convenient. It introduces leading edge products and a unique technology at the Kon futurity dividing the corner by these each of four fields.

Rieko: Am it interested in a research and development and the latest technology, and do I also understand?

Mr. Saito: We are bearing it in mind as exhibited plainly in the customer eye line when a new technology is exhibited. It makes it to the exhibition that can be experienced by actually feeling after everybody who comes for the hand. The future technology would like you to actually feel the experience happiness and convenience because it pushes for a moment.

Rieko: Could you teach the little bit of “One that it is possible to experience” prepared now?

Mr. Saito: It is “Mobile AR(Augmented Reality) technology of R&D in the field)” AR technologies such as “Intuition Nabis” and “Golf version intuition Nabis” become big eyeballs. It is possible to see while overlapping a virtual space and a real space through the camera of the cellular phone. For instance, the surrounding world is projected as if I am in the sea.

Rieko: It is terrible and seems to interesting. I want to actually experience for the hand in the exhibition. Should I pay attention besides the exhibit?

Mr. Saito: “DoCoMo special seminar” is held though it becomes a specially-installed hall installed besides this exhibition booth. The person in charge of development such as R&D and LTE that become eyeballs of the exhibition appears, and it lectures it for three days. NTT DoCoMo has been opening a special site of limited time to the public according to this Wireless Japan holding. If it can see a site here, the schedule of the workshop is understood, and I think that the understanding of the content of the exhibition deepens more, too. The content of the exhibition is disclosed according to holding the exhibition. It devises it as possible to be told plainly also it is not possible to come to the hall.

Rieko: I want to hear a more detailed story about [detekita] “Mobile AR technology” and “Intuition Nabis” in this story next time. By the way, I was going to challenge something and me new when the experience joining a club was done to RBB TODAY as a new figure editor, and started Twitter this time. When it is possible to exclude it once by all means because various information is scheduled to be sent here, it is glad. It covers by the hall NTT DoCoMo booth, and it looks forward. Via: RBB Today