Microsoft Buries Kin for Win7
Microsoft Buries Kin for Win7

Microsoft Buries Kin for Win7

Microsoft Buries Kin for Win7

A sudden death, debuted in April, for the two low-budget devices produced by Sharp for MS.. all eyes on Win7 Jpn:

Update: Here’s an interesting read via Jay Yarrow at Business Insider.

Machine Translation:

The development discontinuance of smart phone “KIN” was decided after Microsoft announcement too much for two months several days from the price cut.

There were two kinds of models, and Verizon Wireless did the monopoly sales to KIN in the United States. However, the unpopularity was bought if it was not easy to use, and there was no heavy-duty function.

Verizon cuts the price of the low-end model of KIN to 29 dollars from 49 dollars and cuts the price of the high-end model from 99 dollars to 49 dollars. In most cases, the price cut ..the cry.. is appearance of the poor sale during after it puts it on the market.

Microsoft seems to have decided a mobile business in the future to be bet on “Windows Phone 7″. As for this OS, the installing machine is scheduled to appear in the succession of spread sluggish, mobile OS”Windows Mobile” within the year.

Microsoft described in the statement, “We determined to concentrate on the release of Windows Phone 7, and discontinued the shipment of KIN in Europe that had planned this autumn”. 「In addition, we integrate the KIN team into the Windows Phone 7 team, and take a profitable idea and the technology of KIN to Windows Phone in the future. Moreover, we continue to sales of present KIN that Verizon does in the United States and cooperate. 」

Microsoft just heard of information of preparing a great renewal of software for KIN as for analyst and mat [rosofu] (Matt Rosoff) of Directions on Microsoft several days ago. However, he or she talked.

There were a lot of unpopularities, and, perhaps, [rosofu] talked that sales would be in a slump about KIN. Many are not installed in KIN though it is thought a standard function of a smart now phone such as the application stores though one of the functions is often praised.

If the calendar is not prepared in KIN, a lot of users who contributed the review to the Verizon site are expressing dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, a lot of people are evaluating KIN Studio high including [rosofu]. The KIN user can log in his computer account, and confirm the use history of KIN like the photograph, the video, and text messages, etc. by this function. It is also possible to back up all content on KIN.

[Rosofu] pointed out that the integration of the KIN team into the Windows Phone 7 team was what Microsoft had to be putting ahead more. “It is a surprise that they has not passed the judgment ‘It is necessary to take it into the mobility platform of the main stream though the approach of the KIN team is interesting’ up to now. ”

[Rosofu] talked that no do be known of one reason why Microsoft had kept developing KIN probably because of to exchange the contract that was not able to be released on the way between Sharp that was the manufacturer of Verizon or KIN.

Cnet and Gizmodo reported on the KIN development discontinuance of Microsoft first.

It is expected that the decision of the KIN development discontinuance is related to a top of recent alternation of entertainment & device section of Microsoft. ..this company.. recently, lobby ..long service 22 year.. backing (Robbie Bach) announced this company of this year as the president of this section and it was announced to leave the office. A mobile business of this company is widely criticized though backing has generalized the Xbox business that concludes successfully. The reason for the Windows Mobile device is that the market share keeps being deprived in a popular competitor like iPhone of Apple that is.

[Rosofu] said, “It is thought that this movement was a part of the mobile business review by Mr. Ballmer”. At present, Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) who is CEO of Microsoft is commanding entertainment & device section. [Rosofu] talked similarly the review of the business when Mr. Ballmer in the past succeeded the business section of this company that the project had been discontinued in many cases.

The root of KIN is developed smart phone “Sidekick”, and exists in the software of Danger purchased for Microsoft. Microsoft compared KIN with the Windows Phone 7 device and located it with the product of the consumer inclined to it. Via: ComputerWorld Japan