Android Action in Japan
Android Action in Japan

Android Action in Japan

Android Action in Japan

We really shouldn’t need to tell you the ‘droid are coming – here’s a few related posts from March

Machine Translations via IT Media:

DoCoMo has opened portal site for a smart phone DoCoMo market on April 1st

Contents for the Android terminal are offered for Xperia and HT-03A.

A first opening recommended model is two models (“DoCoMo smart phone Xperia” and “HT-03A”), and contents also offer the one for the Android terminal. Contents for other smart phones such as Windows phone are assumed to examine the delivery while seeing the market trend.

Support information for “Contents list” that the publishing contents besides it introduces contents by the category of the feature and encouraging and newly arrived and does the list display and the user is offered in the market. When the site opens, contents of about 40 are delivered. It becomes credit-card transactions about pay contents, and DoCoMo says that they aim at the introduction of its own storage agent service about within the year.

Softbank has put HTC Desire equipped with Android 2.1 on the market in the end of April

Android terminal “HTC Desire” made of HTC is put on the market from Softbank Mobile. The model concerned is adopted the latest version of Android OS, and corresponds to the multi touch, the speech retrieval of Google Earth, and HTML5, etc.

Softbank puts Android terminal “HTC Desire” (X06HT) made of HTC on the market in the end of April. President Masayoshi Son revealed the this company establishment that Softbank had held on March 28 for 30 years by commemoration event “Softbank opening DAY”.

The organic EL touch screen of 3.7-inch wide VGA (480×800 pixels) is installed in HTC Desire, and CPU adopts Snapdragon of 1GHz drive. OS is installed “Android 2.1” that is the latest version of Android, and corresponds to multi touch, speech retrieval of Google Earth, moving wallpaper function “Live wallpaper”, and HTML5, etc.(related article: Android carrying “Desire” of HTC and “Almost Nexus One” is announced. )

The reservation of HTC Desire is begun in the beginning of April.

KDDI opens portal site “au one Market” for the Android terminal according to the sale of Android terminal

Au one Market is a market site where the applications optimized to needs of the Android terminal user in Japan were collected. Various retrieval means and ranking functions of retrieval by keyword and the category retrieval, etc. are offered besides it introduces a popular application program and the recommendation application program of each genre.

About 200 application programs such as “[Sekaikamera]” of the tuning the Android version of service for the au carrying “Au one Nabis walk” and “LISMO” and for the Android terminal of au are scheduled to be offered in au one Market. It can access au one Market by doing the icon displayed by the main menu in the tap.

Moreover, optional service for the contents provider to which KDDI verifies the safety etc. of the application program “Security check function” is scheduled to be offered after the end of August.