Japan Mobile TV from Full Hi-Def
Japan Mobile TV from Full Hi-Def

Japan Mobile TV from Full Hi-Def

Japan Mobile TV from Full Hi-Def

Renesas has announced [JPN] their latest application processor for terrestrial digital broadcasting. The so-called “SH-Mobile MT1” for next-gen. mobile handsets is the first in the industry to enable watch and record/reproduction of 1Seg TV from Full HD feeds in Japan and begins the sample shipment in April, 2010.

Machine Translation:

This product has achieved the time-varying image processing, the IP conversion for the size of a full high-definition television (1920×1080 pixels and henceforth full HD) necessary for the correspondence, and the noise reduction function and the voice processing (5.1 channels/two channels), etc. by low power consumption. Additionally, the voice output has improved the package and the software solution of the digital voice signal that considers use in applied field such as another, portable consumer products, and the in-vehicle equipment of both cellular phones corresponding to I2S and digital voice forwarding standard S/PDIF to not only digital but also the analog output in the line as for the image output.

The main feature of “SH-Mobile MT1” is as follows.

It watches the first in the industry and [furusegu], and recording is achieved with the application processor for the cellular phone. Watching and recording/reproduction of has been achieved for the first time by the following devices in the industry in the application processor for the cellular phone. Moreover, because the decipherment etc. of the video and audio are processed with hardware, it is more feasible than the middleware processing with CPU in low power consumption.

The animation processing hardware of a possible decipherment is installed the MPEG-2 image of a full HD size. IP conversion using movement vector and better picture with noise reduction function hardware. 5.1 channels/voice decipherment processing of two channels for down mix processing with hardware only for voice. Installing of interface in surrounding necessary for watching [furusegu] broadcasting in SIM card interface etc. that can connect tuner interface and B-CAS card for [furusegu] broadcasting

Recording can be in real time preserved on the SD card by installing of the following function additionally the watched program. Installing of animation processing hardware that can encode H.264 image of D1 size. Installing of SD card interface corresponding to copyright protection

(2)Package lineup corresponding to applied field. In this product, the usage for [furusegu] in portable consumer products and in-vehicle equipment in addition to the cellular phone is assumed, the following two kinds of packages improve in the line, and the product that is appropriate for the system can be selected. It exercises one’s power with this chip with a cellular phone and a portable equipment of the battery drive because the miniaturization in addition to the low power consumption of this chip of a small SiP package that makes MobileDDR-SDRAM in 1G bit one package can be attempted.

It corresponds to the system that uses it putting the memory such as the single goods package in-vehicle equipment only of this product outside.

The function necessary for the reception and watching the terrestrial digital broadcasting is offered as a software package. It offers it to the real-time control driver of the function that another and “SH-Mobile MT1” of the multimedia feature of the presentation control etc. based on virtual provided for by multiple separation processing and image/voice/decipherment of the title of MPEG-2 needed to watch terrestrial digital broadcasting (ISDB-T) and the ARIB standard of corporation Association of Radio Industries and Businesses install it as a software package.

The received various media processings of the broadcasting stream and the chain processing of various processing are included in software, and achievement, BML browser software of the framework that guarantees the AV synchronization and real time, and an existing DTV application can be constructed easily. API specification of the software package conforms to the standard API specification for the next generation information appliances that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry promotes.

Moreover, the analog broadcasting end in 2011 becomes the acceleration factor of the next generation machine of the equipment for the replacement from the equipment for the analog broadcasting reception and digital broadcasting, and needs of goods for the broadcasting in a variety of product fields can be expected.