Entry Level Mobile CMS
Entry Level Mobile CMS

Entry Level Mobile CMS

Entry Level Mobile CMS

Livedoor will begin offering a simple turn-key mobile web cms platform on 25 Feb. with monthly service fee of approx. $120 (usd) per month.

Machine Translation:

Jay listing Ltd. that manages the retrieval synchronization type advertisement service in 100% subsidiary company of Livedoor, the offer of portable site making service “J entry mobility CMS” with access improvement and SEO measures service on February 25th.

“J entry mobility CMS” prepares the function “page making Nabis” and “Firm page making Nabis” to make a portable site in the place where there is no knowledge of HTML, and can make a portable site automatically only by inputting a necessary matter according to Nabis. In addition, indispensable contents for the portable site construction like the coupon, the blog, the map, and the form, etc. can be easily prepared from the cellular phone besides the site can be updated. Our company will go positively in strengthening and a new product development of the existing commodity power in the future.

– “J entry mobility CMS” offer price etc.
Initial cost: 0 yen
Monthly sum cost: 12,000 yen (general site) and 18,000 yen(specific site)
Min. Term: Six months
– The beginning use is free.
– Specific site: Site related to money lender, financial products dealings, aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, gambling, health food, healthy articles, meeting, and adult. Via CNET Japan.