Comments on 2010 from Japan Telcos
Comments on 2010 from Japan Telcos

Comments on 2010 from Japan Telcos

Comments on 2010 from Japan Telcos

Looking back over 2009 and into the coming year, here are some comments from the major telco operators in Japan.

Also of interest; these more detailed interviews (1 & 2) with Tsujimura-san from DoCoMo. He mentioned looking forward to several Android handsets coming this year from Japanese ODM’s and the challenges they have faced with – for example – security and integration of the FeliCa NFC chip on those devices. Noted in part 2, an increasing focus on the “cloud” and discussion about AR as well.. 😎

Machine Translation: [JPN]

“Revolution” and “Challenge” are shifted to the execution phase. – NTT DoCoMo

NTT DoCoMo announces mid-term vision “Revolution and challenge of DoCoMo that aims at new growth” in October, 2008. When it was a runup to continue the approach of “Revolution” based on this vision in 2009, and to execute “Challenge”, Takashi Yamada President and Representative Director of this company [mo] turned around.

This company executes the reduction of the enhancement of the improvement and the after-sales service of the area and the network quality and the amount of “[Pake] [ho-daidaburu]” lower bound etc. as a approach of “Revolution”. Such a approach is effective, and Mr. Yamadaï½¢A low level that the churn rate falls below 0.5% was able to be maintained. The number of pure increases is in the improvement tendency, too and I feel response in the improvement of customer satisfaction measurement. ï½£It described.

The approach of “Challenge” introduces “My area” that can construct the FOMA area in the function and “Auto GPS” home where i [konsheru] was synchronized with GPS besides the animation contents such as “BeeTV” are enhanced. The first Android terminal “HT-03A” in Japan was put on the market, and the expansion of a smart phone was aimed at. Moreover, the overseas deployment was strengthened as the GSM service of the brand name of “Tata DoCoMo” began in June of the same year after it had invested in the TTSL Co. in India in March, 2009.

One year of Mr. Yamada that aimed at “The first customer satisfaction rating place in fiscal year 2010” that hung by a mid-term vision and “Operating profit 900 billion yen or more in fiscal year 2012”, and shifted to “Execution phase” was 2010. “Further evolution and global expansion of the development of the animation service, promotion of making to personal, promotion of development and the uniting service of the social support service, and terminals” hung to the approach of “The area network quality was improved, and the terminal lineup that expanded, and enhanced after-sales service and the service contents were offered” and “Challenge” in the approach of “Revolution”.

The terminal is declared to be “An integrated market for an easy-to-use, for Japanese smart phone that continuously expands the lineup of a smart phone, and cooperates with the soft sales store that the foreign operations person offers is constructed”. This company provides LTE in December, 2010 and service that makes the best use of the feature of high speed, a large capacity, and low latency is provided by the introduction schedule. Mr. Yamada described, “”Area of the high-speed communication and the FOMA area” can be used with one terminal in LTE”, and emphasized the advantage only of DoCoMo. The correspondence terminal of LTE was assumed to be “To offer the hand set type, the preparation was advanced between December, 2010 and the data card type and 2011”.

The change of surroundings is obtained and it corresponds to “Diversity”. – KDDI

[Onoderasei] KDDI President and Representative Director and chairman showed the opinion of receiving “Age of the further variability” after 2010. KDDI was assumed to be “Make efforts to the development of the business model who did not depend on the communication traffic that contents media business that developed with the main body of KDDI in addition to the model based on a past communication charge income and domestic and foreign group businesses were developing” in that.

Moreover, when confronting it in the age of diversity with an intense such change, Mr. Onodera points out, “The beginning of the problem solving is in the front of business and CS (customer support) that always touches the outside”. It was assumed, “First step where obtaining and making the best use of the change of surroundings such as agencies and manufacturers faced the age of diversification”.

I want to consider the next vision of “Digital information revolution”. – Softbank

President and Representative Director of the Softbank group Masayoshi Son evaluates 2009 year , saying that “A high performance and smart phone , for example, iPhone spread rapidly, various applications and services were developed, and our life became happy more conveniently”. Eagerness was described about 2010 , saying that “I concentrated wisdom and the knowledge of Softbank, accelerated this flow in addition, and was not able to imagine up to now, and want to offer a new lifestyle and the work style”.

The grandchild touches establishment and receiving 30 years of Softbank in 2010. ï½¢It has worked for these 30 years aiming at the achievement of the vision ‘Digital information revolution’. On that occasion, I want to consider the following vision with the employee for 30 years this year that becomes eyes. ï½£It described.

The transmission technique that exceeds 40Mbps is made business. – Emobile

The [i-] mobility achieves the nationwide population cover rate 90% in the spring of 2009. The number of contractors maintains the good condition as it changes well continuously in 2008, and number two million of total contracts is exceeded in November. The high-speed communication service for the carrying of descending 21Mbps or less is introduced for the first time domestically in July of the same year. “Pocket WiFi” that was able to construct wireless LAN environment in a wide place was put on the market in November, and it succeeded in developing a new market.

[Sachiu] declares 1000 of [i-] mobile Chairman of the Board and Representative Director and CEO to be “It ground.. ..growth.. writes and the business integration of the two companies of e-access is advanced to overlap energies of [i] mobility, and to promote the growth strategy of the entire group uniformly in 2010 ..firmly.. ..saying..”. [I-] mobile, it was assumed, “It is scheduled that the transmission technique that exceeded 40Mbps was made business besides the single moon surplus was expected to be achieved expanding the business”.

The back of an early entrepreneur has come into view. – UQ communications

UQ communications began pay service “UQ WiMAX” in July, 2009. Expectation that reaches 4752 games by base station maintenance at the end of 2009, and reaches 7000 exceeding number 6000 of plans at the end of fiscal year 2009 of in-house business scheme. The WiMAX service can be used by 47 nationwide administrative divisions 340 municipalities now. Two stage system charge plan “UQ Flat” of 380-4980 yen in the monthly sum is announced in December of the same year. It orbited it from both sides of the infrastructure and service in mobile WiMAX service.

UQ communications President and Representative Director Takashi Tanakaï½¢It aims at the leap of UQ with these results as the weapon in 2010. The back of an early entrepreneur has come into view. I want to build the Internet, true, mobile, broadband age anytime and anywhere. ï½£It solved and eagerness was described.